From Deborah - Shungite contains Buckyballs or Fullerenes. Buckyballs are actually the spherical form of Fullerenes. The Buckyballs look very close to a U.S. soccer ball or a European football. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996 was awarded jointly to Professor Robert F. Curl, Harold W. Kroto, and Richard E. Smalley for their discovery of Fullerenes. Buckyballs were discovered naturally in Shungite, also known as Carbon C-60.

I see the Shungite as a black hole that absorbs the negativity that can cause issues for our physical body. That energy never goes any further--it is dissipated within the Shungite. It's like the negative energy hits a brick wall, and it just stops existing.

From Siri - Shungite—first think of charcoal. This crystal is absorbent—it is used to pull out toxins and disease from the body and then eliminate them safely. Then think of charcoal with a brain! That would be Shungite. It is an earth and air energy with just a touch of fire--an unusual and powerful combination of energies to pull from simultaneously. it also does a great deal more.

This is a crystal with a very large capacity for healing. Shungite will help block the intense vibrations coming from inside the earth at this time. These intense, grating, rock on rock with magma roiling vibrations have the ability to weaken the immune system and cause stress, fear, and anxiety within us (i.e., notice what the animals do just before an earthquake). A free standing piece of shungite like a Sphere or Pyramid will block these vibrations from your home A Shungite Pendant will protect your body from feeling the emotional and mental affects of these intense vibrations and will also help protect your physical body from ill effects. Keep Shungite around the computer and/or t.v., and it will also help block anything electronic from causing you illness as well.

Vibration: 4
Astrological Sign: ?

Shungite, in and of itself, has the incredible ability to turn a negative field of energy into a positive field of energy without ever becoming negative itself. Depending on the size of the piece, it can take a good-sized area and change that whole area into a positive field of energy. For example, if you take a piece of Shungite with a base of 2.8" (71.12mm), it will clear an area around it from 9.9 feet (3 meters) to 11.1 feet (3.38 meters), according to the book, Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification, by Regina Martino.

Shungite that is at least 2.8" at the base goes out 9.9 to 11.1 feet, creating a positive area from a negative area to keep the EMFs from bombarding your body. That's a nice large field of protection!

Shungite takes care of the EMFs, the pulsing energies that come off so many of our electronics. The worst offenders are the cordless phone that we have in our houses, the land lines. Next on the list are the cell phones. The land lines in the house are regular phones, and cell phones are radios, btw. Our computers, routers, and televisions, and even the smart meters electric companies are installing in our country, all have pulsing energies that create negative fields around them. These are the things that can hurt our physical bodies, and we cannot even see them.

Buckyballs are quite an incredible formation. The negative things actually stick to each Buckyball and then the Buckyball transmutes them and goes back for more negative things. Think of a soccer ball that attracts grains of rice to it, so much so that you can hardly see the Buckyball. All you can see is a round ball of grains of rice. The rice is then transmuted, and more grains of rice are then attracted to the Buckyball, and this process happens repeatedly and consistently over and over again. Shungite cleans up the area around it! While the man-made Fullerenes are extremely un-healthy for human bodies, the natural Fullerenes in Shungite are incredibly protective and healing for the human body.

There are many more Buckyballs in Noble Shungite, Type I Shungite, which can also be called Elite Shungite, Silver Shungite or Shungite Crystal than there are in the Type II Shungite.



From Deborah - Shungite, in and of itself, has the incredible ability to turn a negative field of energy into a positive field of energy without ever becoming negative itself. Depending on the size of the piece, it can take a good-sized area and change that whole area into a positive field of energy. For example, if you take a piece of Shungite with a base of 2.8" (71.12mm), and it will clear an area around it from 9.9 feet (3 meters) to 11.1 feet (3.38 meters), according to the book, Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification, by Regina Martino.

From the web site (https://www.metaphysicalrealm1.com)

The Shungite goes in your left hand, and the Tulikivi. Nephrite Jade, White Satin Spar Selenite, etc. goes in your right hand. These balance the whole body as you work with them a few minutes each day. I believe that the Harmonizers will be the most significant pieces in the Shungite Crystals. Shungite should be cleansed often (Satin Spar Selenite frequently and put outside at least once a week for a couple of hours).

From the Russians who are familiar with these products:

Mineral harmonizers are an effective device for correction of the energy processes, recharging, and restoring vitality in the human body. They help act upon biological active spots, to withdraw nervous strain and headache, keep vitality, vivacity and fresh views on life.

The Yin-Harmonizer that should be kept in the left hand corresponds to the Yin (Moon) - half of the physical body. It is made from Shungite. The Yang-Harmonizer should be kept in the right hand (it corresponds to the Yang or Sun half of the physical body). It is made of Tulikivi, Nephrite Jade, or White Satin Spar Selenite and can produce a high energy effect.

Application Guidelines:

The position of the body is sitting in a relaxed pose with legs uncrossed. Put the hands clutching the harmonizers on the knees and keep them in parallel with each other. It is recommended you close the eyes, distract yourself from your thoughts and concentrate totally on your senses.

The duration of the procedure is specific. You should start with 3-5 minutes and gradually come to 10-15 minutes. The "recharge" and harmonization effect persists for 2 days. It's recommended you use the harmonizers twice a day in the morning and in the evening for 2 weeks with a two week break to follow.

Should Not Be Used By People With These Health Issues:

Acute heart diseases--cardiac infarction, stenocardia attacks, anyone with a pacemaker; also chronic illness, mental illness, high degree of hypertension, acute infectious diseases with high body temperature, or pregnancy.


*Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification, by Regina Martino

Crystals are a very large part of my life, and I am lucky enough to be surrounded by crystals! When a crystal is touching you all of the time, you are getting the energy of the crystal constantly. I wear several pendants, so I literally wear my medicine bag around my neck. I think this is the very best use of a crystal! Healing crystals do not do you a lot of good if they are sitting on a shelf. You should be touching them as much as possible! Working with them by holding them in your hand or placing them on your body is good, too, as is holding a crystal during meditation.

When my life is about to change, I usually know it is coming, because I feel a very strong need to change my pendants. When I no longer need to wear a pendant or other piece of jewelry, they sometimes literally fall off my body. Over the years, I have worn many different combinations of crystals, and I have enjoyed them all. I seem to wear at least six pendants, but it has been as many as twelve at times. Jewelry is an excellent way to work with your crystals!

Prices are subject to change without notice.
I do my best to accurately describe all of the crystals I list for sale and to describe any "flaws", but I am imperfect in all things!




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[IMAGE]Goosecreekite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Goshenite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Granite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Graphite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Green Apophyllite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Green Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Growth Interference Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Gypsum[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Gyrolite
[IMAGE]Hackmanite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Hambergite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Hanksite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Harlequin Quartz/Fire Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Hauyne[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Hawk's Eye[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Healer's Gold[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Heliodor[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Hematite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Hematite in Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Hemimorphite[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Herderite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Herkimer Diamonds[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Heulandite (Zeolite)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Himalayan Ice Crystal/Nirvana Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Hollandite In Quartz/Star Crystals[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Holly Blue Agate[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Holmquisite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Hot Spots on Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Howlite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Hypersthene

[IMAGE]Idocrase/Vesuvianite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Inderite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Indicolite In Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Iolite
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[IMAGE]Magneprase[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Magnesite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Magnetite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Malachite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Manganocalcite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Manifestation Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Marble[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Marialite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Massage Wands[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Medusa Quartz/Gilalite In Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Melanite/Black Andradite Garnet[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Menalite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Merlinite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Metamorphosis Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Mesolite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Meyerhofferite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Mica[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Mica in Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Microcline[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Milarite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Mimetite[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Mochi Balls/Moqui Balls/Shaman Stones[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Moldavite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Molybdenite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Montebrasite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Mookaite Jasper[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Moonstone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Norwegian Moonstone/Larvikite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rainbow Moonstone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Purple Morado Opal[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Mordenite (Zeolite)[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Morganite (Angel Crystal)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Mozarkite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Mugglestone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Muscovite
[IMAGE]Natrolite (Zeolite)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Montebrasite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Nephelene[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Nirvana Quartz/Himalayan Ice Crystal[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Norwegian Moonstone/Larvikite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Nuummite
[IMAGE]Obsidian[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ocean Jasper[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ocho Geodes/Occo Geodes[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Okenite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Oligoclase (Feldspar)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Onyx[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Opal--Blue Peruvian[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Opal--Owyhee Blue[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Opal--Boulder[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Opal--Ethiopian[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Opal--Green[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Opal--Purple Morado[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Opal--Pink Peruvian[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Opal--Pink[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Orange River Crystals (Hematite In Quartz)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Orthoclase (Feldspar)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ouro Verde Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Owyhee Blue Opal

[IMAGE]Pakimer Diamonds/Diamond Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Palmwood[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Papagoite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Pargasite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Peacock Ore/Bornite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Peanut Wood[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Pearls[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Pentagonite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Peridot[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Petalite (Angel Crystal)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Petoskey Stone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Petrified Wood[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Pezzottaite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Clear Quartz With Phantoms[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Phenakite/Phenacite (Angel Crystal)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Phlogopit (Mica)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Phosphosiderite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Picasso Stone/Picasso Marble[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Pietersite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Pollucite (Angel Crystal) (Zeolite)[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Prasiolite/Green Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Prehnite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Presili Bluestone/Stonehenge Bluestone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Printstone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Psilomelane[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Pumice[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Pumpellyite/Chlorasterite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Purpurite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Golden Pyrite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Pyrolusite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Pyrophyllite/Pencil Stone

[IMAGE] Quantum Quattro[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Angel Phantom Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Aura Quartz (Angel Aura, Aqua Aura, etc.)[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Blue Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Blue Phantom[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Barnacle Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Cacoxinite[IMAGE]
[IMAGE] Quartz--Cactus Quartz/Spirit Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Candle Quartz/Pineapple Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Chlorite Inclusions (Healing)[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Clear Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Curved Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Dream Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Elestial[IMAGE]
[IMAGE] Quartz—Epidote in Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz—Faden Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Fenster Quartz/Skeletal Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Fire Quartz/Harlequin Quartz/Titan Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Gilalite in Quartz/Medusa Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz—Fluorite-Included Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Girasol/Moon Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE] Quartz--Generator Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Green Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Growth Interference Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Harlequin Quartz/Fire Quartz/Titan Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Hematite In Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Herkimer Diamonds[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Himalayan Ice Quartz/Nirvana Quartz [IMAGE]
[IMAGE] Quartz--Hollandite In Quartz/Star Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Hot Spots On Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Indicolite In Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Japan Law Twins[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz—Key Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz—Laser Wand Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz—Lavender Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE] Quartz--Lemurian Seed Crystals[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Lightning Quartz/Lightning Strike Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Lithium In Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Manifestation Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Medusa Quartz/Gilalite in Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Metamorphosis Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Mica in Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE] Quartz--Nirvana Quartz/Himalayan Ice Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Orange River Crystals (Hematite In Quartz)[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Ouro Verde Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Pakimer Diamonds/Diamond Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Quartz With Phantoms[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Prasiolite/Green Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Rainbows[IMAGE]
[IMAGE] Quartz—Reciprocal Space Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Record Keeper Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz—Russian Growth Interference Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Rutilated Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Sceptre Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Seer Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz—Self-Healed Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE] Quartz--Skeletal Quartz/Fenster Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Shovel Tip[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Spade Tip[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Spirit Quartz/Cactus Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Star Quartz/Hollandite In Quartz [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Tangerine Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--The Five Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz—Time Link Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE] Quartz--Tourmalinated Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Transmitter Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Trigonics Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Twin Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Quartz--Window

[IMAGE]Rainbow Moonstone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rainbows in Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Reciprocal Space Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Record Keeper Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Red Coral[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Red Selenite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Richterite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Reibeckite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rhodochrosite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rhodonite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Richterite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rosasite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Roselite[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Rose Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ruby[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ruby In Fuchsite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ruby/Kyanite/Zoisite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ruby In Zoisite/Anyolite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Russian Growth Interference Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rutilated Quartz

[IMAGE]Sanidine (Feldspar)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sandstone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sapphire[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sardonyx[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Satyaloka Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Scapolite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Scheelite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sceptre Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Scolecite (Zeolite)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Scrubber Crystals[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Seer Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Self-Healed Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Septarian[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Serandite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Seraphinite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Serpentine[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shaman Stones/Mochi Balls/Moqui Balls[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shattuckite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shell[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shiva Lingham[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shovel Tip Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shungite/Schungite/Shungit/Schungit[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Shungite/Schungite/Shungit/Schungit--Harmonizers[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shungite/Schungite/Shungit/Schungit--Water Kits[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sillimanite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Silver (Sterling Silver)[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Silver Topaz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Skeletal Quartz/Fenster Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Skulls[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Smithsonite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Smokey Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sodalite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Spade Tip Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sphene[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Spheres[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Spinel--Black[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Spinel--Other Colors[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Spirit Quartz/Cactus Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Star Crystals/Hollandite In Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Staurolite/Faery Crosses[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Steatite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sterling Silver Chains[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Stichtite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Stilbite (Zeolite)[IMAGE]
[IMAGE] Stonehenge Bluestone/Presili Bluestone [IMAGE] [IMAGE]Stromatolite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sugilite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Suleiman Agate[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sunstone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Yellow Sunstone/Oregon Sunstone/Golden Labradorite

[IMAGE]Taaffeite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tabular/Tabby Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tangerine Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tanzanite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]The Five Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Thenerdite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Thomsonite (Zeolite)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Thulite (Pink Zoisite)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tiffany Stone/Bertrandite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tiger Eye[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tiger Iron[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Time Link Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Topaz[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Topaz--Silver[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tourminalinated Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tourmaline[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tourmaline--Black[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tourmaline—Blue (Indicolite)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tourmaline—Brown (Dravite)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tourmaline--Uvite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Transmitter Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Tremolite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Trigonics Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Trilithionite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Trilobite (Fossil)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Triphylite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tugtupite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tumbles (Polished Rocks)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tunellite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Turquoise[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Twin Quartz

[IMAGE]Ulexite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Unakite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ussingite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Uvarovite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Uvite (Tourmaline)
[IMAGE]Vanadinite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Variscite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Vatican Stone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Vera Cruz Amethyst[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Vesuvianite/Idocrase[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Vivianite
[IMAGE]Wands[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Waxinite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]White Coral[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Willemite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Window Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Wonderstone/Rhyolite Jasper[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Yellow Sunstone/Oregon Sunstone/Golden Labradorite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Youngite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Yttrium Fluorite
[IMAGE]Zebra Stone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Zeolites[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Zincite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Zircon[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Zoisite
[IMAGE]Article--Beginners' Guide To Crystals[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shipping Policies[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Healing "Disclaimer"[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Intuitive Healer[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tarot Card Reader[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Article--Healing Yourself[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Article--The Gift[IMAGE]
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