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Hedenbergite in Quartz

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Hedenbergite in Quartz Cluster #1 measure approximately 4" x 2 1/8" x 2 1/4" (95mm x 75mm x 52mm) and weigh approximately 10.4 ounces (293.9 grams). These crystals have hundreds of triangles on the sides. There are (3) possible Sceptres, and two of the tips have brilliant green Rainbows. These are not multi-colored Rainbows. Please click on the photo to the left to get to the next screen. There is a second photo of the other side of this cluster there.

(Healing Crystal, Ascension Crystal)
Hardness: 7.0
Origin: Outer Mongolia, China

Hedenbergite is another crystal of transition--to help you get from one place to another, in your physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual body. It brings extreme circumstances down to a bearable level so that you can make the necessary change(s). This crystal can help you see that we are all part of the All That Is and that things are exactly as they should be. If you are literally all over the place, Hendenbergite can bring you stability and help you to organize yourself so that you can settle yourself down easily. This crystal helps you to achieve your goals in less time. It can bring us new friendships as well.

Clear Quartz Crystal is one of two basic crystals I believe everyone should start with if you are a beginner in crystals. The other crystal is Selenite. Quartz is for everyone--from beginners to the very advanced. So is Selenite. These wonderful crystals can purify all parts of us--physical, emotional, and spiritual. They are, indeed, pure white light. Quartz can provide clarity of thought in order to influence your situation(s) and surroundings. It aligns your energy and brings you into a state of harmony. You can draw the energy of the Universe to you with one of these wonderful crystals. Be careful to use Quartz for "the good of all" and for "harm to none".

Quartz is very good for meditation and can bring you into contact with the ethereal plane or anywhere else you wish to go. You can clear all of your Chakras as well as activate them, but Quartz is especially good working with the Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra.

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