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Mariposite Tumbles #1 measure approximately 13/16" to 1 1/16" (21nn to 27mm) and weigh approximately .3 to .8 ounces (10.4 to 18.0 grams). This is another lovely green Mica! Please let me pick one for you. These are $2.00 USD each.

(Healing Crystal)
Hardness: 2.5
Origin: Mariposa County, California, USA

The metaphysical properties below are used *with* permission from Kristi Hugs - Stepping Stones to Crystal Basics:

"Softly and tenderly, wishing you gentle journeys."

Mariposite feels like a very personal companion piece, a mentor who is present throughout your life as you navigate your journey. A mentor that reminds you to be mindful in thought, action and deed. A mentor that reminds you of choices and challenges. What to pick up and what to put down. A mentor that reminds you that there is no assigned blame, only acceptance of responsibility.

Mariposite energy reminds us that it is not about victim hood. It is not about being broken or hurt. It is not about traumas. Do not sit there too long. It is about the experience as seen through the eyes of the creator and the created. The Divine Source and the spark of the Divine, that is you.

It is not the "OMG, look what happened TO me!" Instead, it is the experience of having the experience- look what I am a part of. Look what I learned. Thank you for the experience.

Mariposite is all about purity. Purity of thought. Purity of action.

Mariposite represents innocence. It is in this innocence that life is lived well and truth comes from the heart. Children, in their innocence, speak truth without tainting or twisting the words. What is spoken comes directly from the heart with a depth of compassion and empathy. There is no malice here. No judgement. No finger pointing.

For those who have become deeply immersed in life as a game, where there are winners and losers, working with Mariposite helps to clear the way, infusing the body and spirit with thoughts, feelings and words spoken from the innocent child's heart once again.

So often we get bogged down with "busy-ness" or "work" that we forget our reason for being is to experience! The joy of the soul is expressed, not in the drudgery of what we feel we HAVE to do, but in the unencumbered, uninhibited, play of the child as new experiences and challenges are met with wonderment!

Mariposite is a stone that reminds us of our freedom to choose. When responsibilities become overwhelming, you have the choice to "sit this one out", even if for an hour or a day. You can choose to participate or not.

Part of Mariposite's charm is its nurturing energies. It is a reminder that the power of self care is necessary and is the best choice to care for self in that moment. Again, it is a reminder of choice. It is not how busy you are--it is the quality of the time spent in the doing.

From MetaphysicalRealm1.com - Mica allows you to see how flawed humanity is but still allows you to love humanity, so this is a good crystal for those who are in service. It provides clarity in visions. Mica can help you not "flick the switch" of anger and can help you dispel nervous energy. Lepidolite, one of the Micas, is particularly good for dispelling anger and nervous energy. It is a Lithium crystal.

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