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Titanium Massage Wands #1 measure approximately 4 9/16" x 11/16" (116mm x 18mm) and weigh approximately 3.2 ounces (88.5 grams). These are beautiful Titanium Massage Wands!

(Healing Metal)
Hardness: 3.5
Origin: Unknown

Melody has no metaphysical properties listed for Titanium. Melody does list metaphysical properties for Titanium-Included Quartz, but they do not apply fully to the Titanium without the Quartz, of course.

Titanium was discovered in 1791 by William Gregor. Titanium (#22 in the Periodic Table) exists in almost all living things, bodies of water, rocks, and soil. The 9th most common element on Earth, it was named for the Titans of Greek Mythology by Martin Heinrich Klaproth. Occurring in nature in combination with other elements, Titanium was first separated into pure metal in 1910. A low density element known for high strength, conductivity & healing properties, Titanium has the highest compatibility of any metal with the human body and is least likely to induce allergies or infection. It also is said to attract and increase oxygen flow. Therefore, it is commonly used for body piercing, and most medical devices fitted into the human body are made of Titanium. By making it easier for the body to circulate oxygen and send electrical signals, while stimulating nerves and attracting iron-rich blood cells to an affected area, Titanium is effective for use in pain relief. (Written by a friend of mine at VicJon.com.)

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