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Charoite Stretchy Bracelet #1 measures approximately 8" x 3/8" (200mm x 10mm) on the outide, and it weighs approximately 1.6 ounces (42.9 grams). The inside of this bracelet measures approximately 6 1/2" (160mm). This bracelet is "A" Grade Charoite. Each beautiful bead measures 10mm. The (19) beads in this bracelet have some black Aegirine. This is a beautiful stretchy bracelet!!

(Healing Crystal)
Hardness: 5.0
Origin: Lake Bakhail, Siberia, Russia
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Charoite Stretchy Bracelet #5 measures approximately 7 1/4" x 1/4" (184mm x 7mm) on the outside and weighs approximately .3 ounces (8.6 grams). The inside of this bracelet measures approximately 6 3/4" (158mm). There is orange Tinaksite and black Aegirine in many of these Charoite beads. The smaller beads are likely some kind of Agate in a color that beautifully complements the purple of the Charoite. In between the beads are gold seed beads. This beautiful bracelet is designed and made by Irene.

(Healing Crystal)
Hardness: 5.0
Origin: Lake Bakhail, Siberia, Russia

Charoite is a purple crystal of incredible beauty, and it is a rare color in crystals. Charoite is, however, quite rare and expensive. Charoite can range from lavendar to purple and can be in combination with white (Quartz) and/or black (Aegerine). Charoite helps us overcome our fears. Fear is our worst enemy, especially in a spiritual sense, and fear is difficult to overcome. Charoite joins the Heart Chakra and the Crown Chakra. Charoite transmutes negativity and provides grounding for the Spiritual Body. It is a stone of the Third Eye Chakra. Charoite comes from the same part of Russia that Seraphinite does--Lake Bakhail, Siberia.

Aegirine is helps you to be true to yourself. If you are vulnerable to peer pressure, this crystal will help you resist it and to follow the pathway you should be following--whether or not anyone else is on it. This crystal helps give you energy when you need it. It condenses the positivity in the area where it is. Aegirine activates the brain. It's very good for groups and helps the indivuals in a group work better together. This crystal works on emotional blockages. Aegirine strengthens morals and integrity in a person. This crystal also works well with other crystals--magnifying the energy of the other crystals.

Tinaksite can help bring justice to a situation, in life and not necessarily in the legal sense. This crystal cleanses your intellectual and emotional bodies. This crystal can help remove impediments from your spiritual pathway. If you grid with this crystal, it can help remove the threat of someone stalking you.