Depending on usage, crystals should be cleansed and recharged every so often. For soft crystals (i.e., Angelite, Mangano Calcite, Turquoise, Malachite, Amber, etc.) and those crystals you use a lot, once a week is good for stones that you're using quite a bit. For crystals you use less, cleansing and recharging them once a month is probably good. There are other methods of doing this that are equally effective, but Selenite does them the fastest and easiest way, in my opinion.

Salt has some excellent uses for cleansing and purifying, However, salt, wet or dry, is very rough on any rock or crystal and should never be used, in my opinion, to cleanse or recharge them. Some crystals like sunlight and some like moonlight for cleansing and recharging. If you have a number of crystals, carrying them outside can become a bit of a chore.

You only need to set a crystal on Selenite for five minutes to cleanse and recharge the piece. You can leave anything sitting on Selenite as long as you wish, though. The rocks and crystals love the energy!

I have a Selenite Cleansing and Recharging Platform on my nightstand, and I keep another one in the bathroom. I usually cleanse and recharge the regular crystals on my nightstand, and I put all of my jewelry on the one in the bathroom while I take a shower.

You might enjoy reading the story below. It's about something other than crystals that I have cleansed and recharged with my Selenite.


My parents divorced when I was 16 years old, and my father took his and my mother's plain 14k gold wedding rings and had a jeweler intertwine them. When I was in my early 20's, he gifted the joined rings to me. I have had them many years, but I never wore them because of the negative energy that I was sure those rings possessed.

Sometime in February of 2004, I decided to try Satin Spar Selenite's cleansing and recharging abilities out on those rings. I had never used Selenite to cleanse and recharge anything but other rocks and crystals. I left the rings on a log of Selenite for a full week which was perhaps overkill, but I wanted to be sure the job was done.

I started wearing the rings, and they just fit my ring finger.

I went to a Metaphysical Research Group meeting in Lady Lake a month or so later and a psychometrist (a woman, in this case, who reads the energy of objects and tells you all kinds of things) was speaking that night.

She was kind enough to read objects for a few people after the meeting was over, and I was one of the lucky few. My rings had not been picked out of the glass by anyone who attended the meeting to practice psychometry on. Every single thing she read from the rings was from me, so the rings had been completely cleansed and recharged! Nothing about my parents came up. How wonderful to see proof of Selenite's cleansing and recharging abilities--especially so because it was on something other than crystals!


Satin Spar Selenite Being Used To Cleanse and/or Recharge a Red Quartz Crystal, a Flourite Pyramid, and a Tiger Eye Sphere
This is the easiest formation you can use to either cleanse and/or recharge your crystals or gemstones. You can line up as many crystals and gemstones as your Satin Spar Selenite will hold comfortably. Leave them on the Selenite for as little as 5 minutes to as many hours as you feel they need to be there. I generally leave my crystals and gemstones on there for a half hour or so, but I could almost always do it in 5 minutes if I could remember to remove them sooner! Soft stones like Malachite, Amber, and Turquoise may never totally come back if their shine has faded. This means they have done their job when they become drained like that.

Cleansing and recharging will work best if you ask your crystals and/or gemstones to empty themselves out just before you place them on the Selenite. You can leave the rocks or crystals on the Selenite as long as you want. It won't hurt them, and they do truly enjoy absorbing energy from the Selenite!

Satin Spar Selenite and a Clear Quartz Crystal Being Used To Recharge a Red Quartz Crystal
Optical Selenite Spear or Sword and a Clear Quartz Crystal Being Used To Recharge a Red Quartz Crystal
This is another formation you can use to recharge your crystals or gemstones. You line up your Satin Spar Selenite, a Clear Quartz Crystal, and the crystal or gemstone that you want to recharge in the formation shown above. Have the Clear Quartz Crystal pointing at the rock or crystal that needs recharging. It usually takes 5 minutes to recharge a crystal or gemstone, but if you're doing major damage control, you can leave the crystal or gemstone there for a longer period of time. You can use Selenite Swords (Optical Selenite) or Satin Spar Selenite to recharge your crystals or gemstones in this formation.

This will work best if you ask your crystals or gemstones to empty themselves out just before you place them on the Selenite. You can leave the rocks or crystals in this formation for as long as you want. It won't hurt them, and they do truly enjoy absorbing energy from the Selenite and the Clear Quartz Crystal!

A formal Wand or something loosely Wand-shaped will work. Selenite works best, in my humble opinion. You can take a Wand-shaped piece of natural Satin Spar Selenite or an Optical Selenite Sword in your hand, point it at the crystal or gemstone you wish to program or reprogram, and clearly visualize what you would like the crystal or gemstone to work on. Intent is the key. Clear Quartz Crystals are one of the very best crystals to program for a specific purpose. Clear Quartz Crystals are easily programmed with this method, and they become powerful tools.

Remember two things--you might get what you wish for, so program carefully and in as much detail as possible, and always program in white light! Second, don't reprogram your crystals often--it can confuse them! Of course, all you have to do is recharge them before reprogramming them.

Prices are subject to change without notice.
I do my best to accurately describe all of the crystals I list for sale and to describe any "flaws", but I am imperfect in all things!


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[IMAGE]Obsidian[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ocean Jasper[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ocho Geodes/Occo Geodes[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Okenite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Oligoclase[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Onyx[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Opal--Blue Peruvian[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Opal--Owyhee Blue[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Boulder Opal[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ethiopian Opal[IMAGE]
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[IMAGE]Quartz--Angel Phantom Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Aura Quartz (Angel Aura, Aqua Aura, etc.)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Blue Phantom[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Blue Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Quartz--Cacoxinite, Amethyst, etc.[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Cactus Quartz/Spirit Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Candle Quartz/Pineapple Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Chlorite Inclusions (Healing)[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Quartz--Clear Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Dream Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Elestial Quartz (Amethyst, Clear, Rose, and Smokey)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Fire Quartz/Harlequin Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Gilalite in Quartz/Medusa Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Quartz--Girasol/Moon Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Green Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Growth Interference Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Harlequin Quartz/Fire Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Hematite In Quartz (Some With Hollandite)[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Quartz--Herkimer Diamonds[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Hollandite In Quartz/Star Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Indicolite In Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Lemurian Seed Crystals[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Lightning Quartz/Lightning Strike Quartz[IMAGE]
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[IMAGE]Quartz--Nirvana Quartz/Himalayan Ice Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Orange River Crystals (Hematite In Quartz)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Ouro Verde Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Pakimer Diamonds/Diamond Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Quartz--Clear Quartz Crystal With Phantoms[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Prasiolite/Green Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Rainbows[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Rutilated Clear Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Satyaloka Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Quartz--Skeletal Quartz/Fenster Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Shovel Tip[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Spade Tip[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Tangerine Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Timelinks[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Tourmalinated Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Window

[IMAGE]Rainbow Moonstone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rainbow Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rhodizite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rhodochrosite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rhodonite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Richterite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rosasite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Roselite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rose Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ruby[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ruby In Fuchsite[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Ruby In Kyanite And Zoisite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ruby In Zoisite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Russian Growth Interference Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rutilated Quartz

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[IMAGE]Shaman Stones/Mochi Balls/Moqui Balls[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shattuckite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shell[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shovel Tip (Quartz)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shungite/Schungite/Shungit/Schungit[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shungite/Schungite/Shungit/Schungit Harmonizers[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Shungite/Schungite/Shungit/Schungit Harmonizers--Information Page[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shungite/Schungite/Shungit/Schungit Water Kits--Information Page[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sillimanite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Silver (Sterling Silver)[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Silver Topaz From Nambia[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Skeletal Quartz/Fenster Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Skulls[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Smithsonite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Smokey Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sodalite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Spade Tip (Quartz)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sphene[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Spheres[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Spinel--Black[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Spinel--Other Colors[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Spirit Quartz/Cactus Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Star Crystals/Hollandite In Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Staurolite/Faery Crosses[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Stichtite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Stilbite (Zeolite)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Stromatolite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sugilite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Suleiman[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sunstone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Yellow Sunstone/Oregon Sunstone/Golden Labradorite

[IMAGE]Tangerine Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tanzanite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Thomsonite (Zeolite)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Thulite (Pink Zoisite)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tiffany Stone/Bertrandite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tiger Eye[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tiger Iron[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Timelinks (Quartz)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Topaz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Silver Topaz From Namibia[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tourminalinated Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tourmaline[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Black Tourmaline[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Trilobite (Fossil)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Triphylite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tugtupite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tumbles (Polished Rocks)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tunellite[IMAGE]

[IMAGE]Ulexite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Unakite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ussingite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Uvite
[IMAGE]Variscite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Vera Cruz Amethyst[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Vesuvianite/Idocrase
[IMAGE]Wands[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Windows (Quartz) [IMAGE]Wonderstone (Jasper)/Rhyolite[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Yellow Sunstone/Oregon Sunstone/Golden Labradorite
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