The metaphysical properties below are used *with* permission from Kristi Hugs - Kristi's Amazon Author page.

“I come from a large, eclectic family. First, we have my daughter, a hippy from way back. My brown and cream lady is very earthy, very centered, very calm, "Groovy man........".

Then there is my son, the speaker, the listener. Very committed to the empowerment of self. His blue coloring has an almost meditative effect on everyone he meets, tranquil and soothing. He runs a non-profit organization and spends all of his time in altruistic endeavors.

Then, there is Sputnik. I think she is a balanced blend of her siblings, even though she looks like she is going every direction at once! She sure has a lot of energy, that one!!

But you are here to talk with me, am I correct? Not a lot is known about me. Maybe it is because I like to work in the background. Being recognized is really not a part of who I am. Well, you know us rocks are ego-less anyway, but some seem to work well up front. Me? I like to slowly move into a space, taking in all that is around me, observing, if you will. That is, after all, what a mother does, right?”

I have to stop here and tell you what visual White Aragonite is giving me. It is that of a mother, slipping into her child's room at night to pull the covers up so they will not catch a chill or comforting the little one during a particularly bad dream. She quietly checks the closets and under the bed for monsters so that her child will not go to bed in fear. She sits on the sidelines, as her child learns to swim or play soccer. A presence to be sure, but far enough back to allow the child to learn and grow, to fall and get up, to sink or swim (metaphor).

And like a mother, White Aragonite wants to embrace us in much the same way.

The first thing White Aragonite wants to say is, "Clean your room!" Clear out the clutter. Remove that which no longer serves you. Let go of the baggage, release those old grudges. It is time for anything that is holding you back to be thrown out. White Aragonite is all about new beginnings, new projects, new ideas, and new creations. The space to create must be clean. So get to it!

This stone is remarkably supportive and loving. I feel it carries the energy of mother/father/God/Divine/Goddess. What I am shown now is of the man known as Jesus, with his hands stretched out in front of him, reaching to a throng of children sitting before him. White Aragonite is that kind of love and support. No judgment or criticism. Simply love, unconditional and complete.

I feel that White Aragonite will be an amazing tool to use in any healing modality. Again, I see a mother, cleaning her child's scraped knee. I don't know if many of you are old enough to remember Mercurochrome, but it was before Neosporin, that is for sure! It was what moms and dads put on scrapes and scratches in my youth. It was orange and stung like heck! Mom would quickly apply the orange stinging stuff and then blow on it to make the sting less painful. I have to laugh at this visual, but I understand the message. White Aragonite can help to clear out any muddiness in the brain. I call it being bumfuzzled-when you just can't seem to find clarity. White Aragonite will help to find focus and center in the midst of chaos. It will ease confusion. This is a piece that will help to clear things on a physical level -- lung issues like bronchitis, head colds, and headaches. It also helps to clear things on an energetic level such as energy blockages, cord and/or energy attachments.

This stone is all about support, love and encouragement. It is there in times of success and it is there in times of perceived failure. It is there rooting you on, helping you to realize how important and worthy you are. It is the quintessential Ozzie and Harriet of stones. Helping us to learn and understand the lessons. Loving us just the way we are.

White Aragonite's message is this- Even though you may not think you are worthy. Even though your situation growing up may not have been in a loving environment. Even though you may think you are not good enough, I am here to say that you are. You are, at your core being, your soul, Divine. We are here to embrace you. We are here to show you the love that you truly are. You are deserving. Do not think any less of yourself than that."

This crystal Communication comes directly from Kristi Hugs' book, Crystal Speaks. COPYRIGHTED 2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

From - Aragonite helps you center yourself, especially when you are experiencing stress. This crystal also encourages patience. It can give you great insight into the problems you have on the physical plane and can also stimulate communication on the higher planes.  It helps you with all aspects of scheduling.  Aragonite can help you be on time and it can help you set up a proper schedule that is practical to adhere to.  Aragonite is the Crystal of Kings.

Hardness: 3.5 - 4.0
Vibration: 9
Astrological Sign: Capricorn


Crystals are a very large part of my life, and I am lucky enough to be surrounded by crystals! When a crystal is touching you all of the time, you are getting the energy of the crystal constantly. I wear several pendants, so I literally wear my medicine bag around my neck. I think this is the very best use of a crystal! Healing crystals do not do you a lot of good if they are sitting on a shelf. You should be touching them as much as possible! Working with them by holding them in your hand or placing them on your body is good, too, as is holding a crystal during meditation.

When my life is about to change, I usually know it is coming, because I feel a very strong need to change my pendants. When I no longer need to wear a pendant or other piece of jewelry, they sometimes literally fall off my body. Over the years, I have worn many different combinations of crystals, and I have enjoyed them all. I seem to wear at least six pendants, but it has been as many as twelve at times. Jewelry is an excellent way to work with your crystals!

*Source: LOVE IS IN THE EARTH: The Crystal & Mineral Encyclopedia--The LIITE Fantastic, The Last Testament by Melody and Julianne Guilbault (Jan 1, 2008) (out of print)


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