The metaphysical properties below are used *with* permission from Kristi Hugs.

Beautiful pink Morganite carries the energy of release. It encourages you to stop holding on to the emotions that are detrimental to the body and soul (anger, judgement of self/others, jealous, hatred, etc.) Morganite's gentle spirit embraces you while encouraging the release of these emotions.

Morganite aids the process of forgiveness (of self and others), reminding you that holding on to harmful thoughts and feelings in the heart space brings about body/mind illness. It never serves us well to hold on to these things.

Morganite teaches us that to release is to show true, unconditional love without reservation and THAT is our Divine nature. Working with Morganite will help to find a sense of peace, hope, forgiveness and completion.

Morganite lightens the heart space by moving out this old stuff kept far too long and clears the baggage like a really good spring cleaning would do. ?? It opens the space, so that you can receive and give love without conditions. Morganite brings about a sense of self worth and self love, which is often what we need the most.

Morganite would be very beneficial for those in recovery from addiction or those finding their way back from dark spaces. It would also bring a sense of comfort to those working through grief, trauma and/or loss.

Morganite energy reminds me of the feeling you get when someone gives you a big ole, loving bear hug when it is needed the most. This crystal supports you in much the same way.

Physically, Morganite can aid with issues of the lungs and heart. It will clear the throat of obstacles so that you may speak truth clearly directly from the heart.

From - Morganite is an Angel Crystal and usually comes in light pink or light peachy/pink. Morganite is also a Beryl. This is one of the crystals that I wear personally. It is extraordinarily special, as are all of the Angel Crystals. This crystal works best on the Spiritual Heart Chakra and High Heart Chakras--activating, cleansing, and simulating them. This is the crystal that opened my High Heart Chakra. It brings self-love into your life, the most important love of all, and allows you to maintain the self-love it brings. I believe that a high Heart Chakra Crystal is absolutely necessary for communicating with the Angels and will help you to be more open to that communication.

Vibration: 3
Astrological Sign: Leo


Crystals are a very large part of my life, and I am lucky enough to be surrounded by crystals! When a crystal is touching you all of the time, you are getting the energy of the crystal constantly. I wear several pendants, so I literally wear my medicine bag around my neck. I think this is the very best use of a crystal! Healing crystals do not do you a lot of good if they are sitting on a shelf. You should be touching them as much as possible! Working with them by holding them in your hand or placing them on your body is good, too, as is holding a crystal during meditation.

When my life is about to change, I usually know it is coming, because I feel a very strong need to change my pendants. When I no longer need to wear a pendant or other piece of jewelry, they sometimes literally fall off my body. Over the years, I have worn many different combinations of crystals, and I have enjoyed them all. I seem to wear at least six pendants, but it has been as many as twelve at times. Jewelry is an excellent way to work with your crystals!

*Source: LOVE IS IN THE EARTH: The Crystal & Mineral Encyclopedia--The LIITE Fantastic, The Last Testament by Melody and Julianne Guilbault (Jan 1, 2008)


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