The metaphysical properties below are used *with* permission from Kristi Hugs who has written several books on crystals and is, when all is said and done, a crystal person and has been for a long time.

This smoky taupe Scapolite is fascinating! It is definitely to be used for physical issues and energies in many ways. Grounding, of course, comes to mind, grounding to balance, grounding to center. This Scapolite will gently merge the body with the earth. You can actually FEEL your energy being soothed and comforted, a deep healing breath spontaneously occurs as all tensions are being released.

Scapolite can support aging and health. As we age (yes even you youngins), stuff happens. Some we can fix, others not so much. Enter Scapolite, a support stone like no other. This Scapolite can relieve the pain of arthritis and joints that no longer flex with ease, it can soothe muscles, release cramping and tensions. Scapolite can also aid in digestion and elimination, helping to find balance and regularity.

Scapolite helps to maintain vigor and vitality. And on those days you feel “old” (no matter how old you are), Scapolite will soothe the body and mind. Its biggest gift is to remind you that you are important and valuable and it is perfectly OK to treat yourself to a spa day, or ice cream or...........

Scapolite works with the organs well. If you are experiencing issues with the liver, pancreas, kidneys or colon, Scapolite can help to uncover the cause and offer support in the treating of. Scapolite can offer support if you are on a weight loss journey as well.

Scapolite would work well in tandem with other crystals/minerals as a support piece. For instance, Serafinite/Seraphinite or green Tourmaline would make an excellent partner for Scapolite in weight loss. Amber and Scapolite would work well together for arthritis or joint pain and so forth.

If you have times of uncontrollable high energy, wear some Scapolite to ease down a bit. If there are fears, Scapolite can help you prevail, one experience at a time. If you have trouble making and sticking to decisions? Work with Scapolite to see all of the pros and cons before you make a decision with confidence.

Scapolite is such a wonderful, easy energy, anyone can work with it, whether there are physical issues to be faced or you just need some gentle grounding and balancing. This should be a must have in your crystal took box. - Scapolite comes in many colors. This crystal helps you to look deeply inside yourself to see the solutions for past problems and present problems. Scapolite helps to bring about change--physical, intellectual, or in your environment. It helps you attain your goals, working with you to get where you need to get.

Vibration: 1
Astrological Sign: Taurus 


From Siri - These Scapolite Crystals from Tanzania are more powerful by far than any other Scapolite, happier, too, and older. They most certainly have red and green phantom energy, clear and smooth energy.

These crystals are strong and deep, going into the lower Chakras (unusual) as well as on up to the heart energy. Scapolite is wonderful for healing and enlarging the veins and arteries in the body and helps us to be rational when under stress. Most Yellow Scapolite is very one dimensional in that is soothes and calms and opens veins and arteries only. Most Scapolite has a soothing gentle matte finish (Morocco), but these crystals from Tanzania are actually stronger and have more power, red energy too. Very very energetic. I think it is excellent. I have not felt this energy in any Yellow Scapolite. This Scapolite actually feels like Tourmaline in that it has more movement; it moves the chi in the body. It is very powerful. These crystals move the energy in the liver as well. Would help release liver and gallbladder stones. Helps heal the gallbladder as well.

This is an incredibly happy and positive energy--will help with flow and healthy movement through the reproductive organs, and bladder...movement and flow. Very much a feeding energy, doesn't drain your energy. Would be good for PMS.*

Vibration (Golden Scapolite): 4
Astrological Sign: Unknown


From Siri - This is more of an emotional Scapolite for joy and happiness and balance. Good angel energy here! Calm and soothing, a very gentle healer. I feel like humming as I work with this piece! Will not go in as deep as the dark purple but can be used for long periods of time because of its gentleness. Will work 7, 6, and down into the 5th Chakra (Throat, Third Eye, and Crown) and even into the Spiritual and High Heart Chakras; has a purple, blue, and pinkish energy all blended together. Good for nightmares! Sleep with it under your pillow and you will sleep well and wake feeling happy and rested!

Vibration (Lavender Scapolite): 1
Astrological Sign: Unknown


From Siri - Pale Pink Scapolite is a HIGH HEART energy! Very high angel energy as well. Works the veins and arteries of the physical heart, will clean them out, expand them, and heal them. Has the ability to work all of the circulation system of the whole body because of the color. BUT its first and best place to work is in the emotional body. This piece will instantly raise your vibration to a higher place. Can be a bit intense but settles down with time--high and cleansing and pure. Good for those wishing to meditate. Removes all excess thoughts and aggravations. Good focus in the emotional HIGH heart energy. Excellent piece for those working in the fields of HELPING OTHERS!!!!

Vibration (Cat's Eye Scapolite): 7
Astrological Sign: Unknown


From Siri - I'm in love with those dark dark rich purple Cat's Eye Scapolites. They are feeders, by the way. This Scapolite also opens and heals veins and arteries mostly in the head region but it also has other qualities. It has a beta energy. I've not felt that before in a Scapolite. It works like a Vera Cruz Amethyst or Beta Quartz--puts you in a higher vibration mentally, and you float above things, so to speak. Very, very good for those who have shattered nerves and panic attacks. Hugely powerful piece with regard to psychic protection as well. Increases psychic awareness and telepathy, too. Feeds the whole physical body with a lovely antioxidant-like energy at the cellular level. All that being said, this piece is not for everyone. It is powerful, but only those who are ready for it will be drawn to it. The crystal will make sure of that! It chooses you--YOU don't choose it!

Vibration (Cat's Eye Scapolite): 7
Astrological Sign: Unknown