About a month ago, I unexpectedly received a small Priority Mail box. I did not remember ordering any crystals, so I was mystified. I had no idea what might be in the package.

Inside, to my surprise, were several Pendants and a beautiful piece of tumbled Angelite! I kept pulling Pendants out of the box, wondering where they came from, thinking someone on eBay had made a mistake and shipped me the wrong order (that had happened to me once before), and I was working my brain to try and come up with other explanations.

I found a note enclosed at the very bottom after I had pulled out all the lovely Pendants. Here is what it said:

It is clear to me from visiting your website that you care about and appreciate crystals. I had these extra - not being used. I was hoping you could use them or give them to friends or sell them - anything you like. It would be great if they could be used and appreciated.

(No Signature)
(Postmarked 10/07/05 from Glendale, California)

I cannot tell you how good this made me feel!! I try to put a great deal of myself in this web site and hope that a bit of my personality and some of the way I feel about the crystals comes through. It never ceases to amaze me that these wonderful soldiers, the crystals, come into our lives, and they so freely share their energy and their protection. They help us in ways that almost nothing else can.

Someone took the time and trouble to send me these wonderful Crystal Pendants. Someone gave me a gift with no thought of my being able to say thank you. I so thoroughly believe that any time that I gift someone with something that it must be done free and clear of any strings; that the gift must be given joyously, just because you want to. The person who sent me this gift did just that with me!

I feel that this person is a woman and that there is an "E" in her name. Of course, my intuitive stuff is up and down, so who knows, but that is what I picked up. I thank this woman, whoever she is, and I do so hope she gets in touch with me someday. I would love to hear from her and be able to thank her in person.

I placed most of the Pendants on the web site for sale, and I marked them all with "The Gift" with a link to this page so that all could read how these Pendants came to be on my web site. I marked them all at very reasonable prices so that others may share in this gift as well! I had the Angelite Tumble wire wrapped, and that went up on the site as well. Vismaya did a beautiful job of wrapping it!

All of the pendants sold long ago, and everyone who bought one of them wound up with something more special than usual!

14 November 2005
Revised Slightly: 3 July 2010