From Siri - Yes, Pollucite is good for radiation.

From Siri - Pollucite is from the Zeolite group of minerals. They are toxin cleaners--they pull the worst poisons from the body. The name I keeping getting for this piece is CASTOR OIL (without the physical reaction, of course)!!!! Oh my gosh, remember when Gramma gave everyone a spoon full of castor oil when they were sick??? Well here is the crystal world's version of castor oil. This Zeolite is the strongest of all the Zeolites when it comes to clearing toxins. It works first in the head, from the throat upwards, and you might feel a very strong sucking sensation as it draws out the toxins. Secondary working site is the physical heart and then works on down all the way to the tips of the toes cleaning out poisons in the body. Emotionally it clears heartbreak pain and mentally it clears the mind of all thoughts. Work with this crystal only for very short periods of time--10 minutes is good, and drink plenty of water when using this crystal. Go slowly and use this crystal sparingly. From Deborah - When you use any of the White or Silver Topaz Crystals that allow you to permanently remove blockages from your body, there are bits and pieces left behind in nooks and crannies. Pollucite will go in and permanently remove all of those bits of leftover negativity from your body.

From Deborah - After Pollucite does its work clearing your body of toxins, it works as a full Angel Crystal! It is a joyous high angel energy and takes you to the Ethers! It was very obvious to me when Pollucite was finished clearing the toxins for me, because I started to soar while I was holding it.The metaphysical qualities of Zeolites also apply.

Most Zeolites remove toxins from their surroundings. They can be quite useful when you use them to grid around landfills or other waste dumps of any kind. These crystals also make good Reiki crystals, giving your healing energy more oomph so that your healings can be more efficient. Zeolites are good crystals for farmers to use.


We are going to go over a group of crystals that Siri calls "scrubbers", because they remove toxins from the physical body.

From Siri - The Top Seven, Starting With The Strongest
Colemanite (coming in the next newsletter)

All seven of these crystals clear toxins out of your body. Once clean, you have the sensation of floating away, like having a ton of karma lifted off your shoulders.

Kurnakovite is the intelligent Scrubber.
Colemanite clears the debris from all your bodies so fast and easily. Colemanite carries electricity, so use sparingly.
and then blows through the Crown Chakra when it's done)
Pollucite clears heavy metals.
Kernite also KILLS CANCER.
Tunellite also breaks any unhealthy attachments or energies that have moved into our aura or body.
Scolecite also kills parasites as well.
Natrolite mainly likes to clear the brain and kills infection in the head. Natrolite also stimulates the Crown Chakra.

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Crystals are a very large part of my life, and I am lucky enough to be surrounded by crystals! When a crystal is touching you all of the time, you are getting the energy of the crystal constantly. I wear several pendants, so I literally wear my medicine bag around my neck. I think this is the very best use of a crystal! Healing crystals do not do you a lot of good if they are sitting on a shelf. You should be touching them as much as possible! Working with them by holding them in your hand or placing them on your body is good, too, as is holding a crystal during meditation.

When my life is about to change, I usually know it is coming, because I feel a very strong need to change my pendants. When I no longer need to wear a pendant or other piece of jewelry, they sometimes literally fall off my body. Over the years, I have worn many different combinations of crystals, and I have enjoyed them all. I seem to wear at least six pendants, but it has been as many as twelve at times. Jewelry is an excellent way to work with your crystals!

LOVE IS IN THE EARTH: The Crystal & Mineral Encyclopedia--The LIITE Fantastic, The Last Testament
by Melody and Julianne Guilbault (Jan 1, 2008)

Prices are subject to change without notice.
I do my best to accurately describe all of the crystals I list for sale and to describe any "flaws", but I am imperfect in all things!


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[IMAGE]Lake Superior Agate[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Turitella Agate[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ajoite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Alabaster[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Albite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Amazonite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Amber[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Amblygonite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Amethyst[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Vera Cruz Amethyst[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ametrine[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ammonites[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Analcime[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Anatase[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Angel Phantom Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Angel Silk[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Angelite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Anhydrite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Apache Gold[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Apatite (All Colors)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Apophyllite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Aquamarine[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Aragonite[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Arfvedsonite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Astrophyllite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Atlantasite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Aura Quartz (Angel Aura, Aqua Aura, etc.)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Aventurine[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Axinite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Azurite

[IMAGE]Baculites (Fossil)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Barite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Bastnaesite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Benitoite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Beryls[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Beryllonite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Bixbite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Black Coral[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Black Spinel[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Black Tourmaline[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Bloodstone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Blue Beryl[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Blue Amber[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Blue Healers[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Blue Phantom Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Blue Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Boji Stones®/Kansas Pop Rocks[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Boleite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Boulder Opal[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Brazilianite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Brochantite[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Bronzite (Hypersthene/Enstatite)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Brookite

[IMAGE]Cactus Quartz/Spirit Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Calcite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Calcite--Optical[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Callaghanite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Candle Quartz/Pineapple Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Carbonatite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Carnelian[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Carrolite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Cavansite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Celadonite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Celestite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Chabazite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Chalcedony[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Charoite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Chiastolite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Chinese Writing Rock[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Chlorite In Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Chrome Diopside[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Chrysanthemum Stone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Chrysoberyl[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Chrysocolla[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Chrysoprase[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Citrine[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Clear Quartz Crystal[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Clinohumite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Cobaltocalcite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Colemanite[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Cookeite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Copper[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Coral--Black[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Covellite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Creedite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Crocoite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Crystal Skulls[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Cuprite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Cyanotrichite

[IMAGE]Danburite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Datolite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Chrome Diopside[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Diopside[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Dioptase[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Dravite Tourmaline[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Dream Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Dumortierite
[IMAGE]Elestial Quartz Crystal[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Emerald[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Epidote[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Epidote in Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ethiopian Opal[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Euclase[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Eudialyte
[IMAGE]Faery Cross/Staurolite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Faery Stone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Feldspar[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Fire Quartz/Harlequin Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Fluorite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Fluorite in Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Fossil Stone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Fuchsite
[IMAGE]Galena[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Garnet[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Gilalite in Quartz/Medusa Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Girasol/Moon Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Goethite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Golden Labradorite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Golden Pyrite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Goshenite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Granite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Green Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Growth Interference Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Gypsum

[IMAGE]Hackmanite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Hanksite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Harlequin Quartz/Fire Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Hawk's Eye[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Healer's Gold[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Heliodor[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Hematite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Hematite in Quartz (Some With Hollandite)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Hemimorphite[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Herderite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Herkimer Diamonds[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Heulandite (Zeolite)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Hollandite In Quartz/Star Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Holmquisite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Howlite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Hypersthene

[IMAGE]Idocrase/Vesuvianite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Indicolite In Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Iolite
[IMAGE]Jade[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Jasper[IMAGE] [IMAGE]DeSchutes Jasper[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Kambaba Stone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Leopardskin Jasper[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Mookaite Jasper[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ocean Jasper[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Biggs-Formation Picture Jasper[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Picture Jasper[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Red and Brecciated Jasper[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rhyolite/Rainforest Jasper[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Wonderstone (Jasper)/Rhyolite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Jeremejevite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Jet

[IMAGE]Kambaba Stone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Kansas Pop Rocks/Boji Stones®[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Kernite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Kimberlite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Kunzite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Kurnakovite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Kyanite (All Colors)
[IMAGE]Labradorite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Golden Labradorite/Yellow Sunstone/Oregon Sunstone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Lapis Lazuli[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Larimar[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Lazulite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Lemurian Seed Crystals[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Lepidocrocite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Lepidolite[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Libyan Desert Glass[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Lightning Quartz/Lightning Strike Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Linarite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Lithium In Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Lithium-Eroded Tourmaline[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Llanoite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Lodestone (Magnetite)

[IMAGE]Magneprase[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Magnesite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Magnetite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Malachite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Mangano Calcite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Manifestation Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Marble[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Marialite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Massage Wands[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Medusa Quartz/Gilalite In Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Melanite/Black Andradite Garnet[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Menalite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Metamorphosis Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Mesolite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Meyerhofferite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Mica[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Mica in Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Microcline[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Milarite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Mimetite[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Mochi Balls/Moqui Balls/Shaman Stones[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Montebrasite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Mookaite Jasper[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Moonstone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Norwegian Moonstone/Larvikite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rainbow Moonstone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Purple Morado Opal[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Mordenite (Zeolite)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Morganite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Mozarkite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Mugglestone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Muscovite

[IMAGE]Natrolite (Zeolite)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Neptunite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Nirvana Quartz/Himalayan Ice Crystal[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Norwegian Moonstone/Larvikite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Nuummite
[IMAGE]Obsidian[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ocean Jasper[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ocho Geodes/Occo Geodes[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Okenite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Oligoclase[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Onyx[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Opal--Blue Peruvian[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Opal--Owyhee Blue[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Boulder Opal[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ethiopian Opal[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Opal--Green[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Purple Morado Opal[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Opal--Pink Peruvian[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Opal--Pink[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Orange River Crystals (Hematite In Quartz)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ouro Verde Quartz

[IMAGE]Pakimer Diamonds/Diamond Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Papagoite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Pargasite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Peacock Ore/Bornite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Pearls[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Pentagonite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Peridot[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Petalite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Petoskey Stone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Petrified Wood[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Pezzottaite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Clear Quartz With Phantoms[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Phenakite/Phenacite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Phlogopit (Mica)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Phosphosiderite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Picasso Stone/Picasso Marble[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Pietersite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Pollucite (Zeolite)[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Prasiolite/Green Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Prehnite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Psilomelane[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Pumice[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Pumpellyite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Purpurite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Golden Pyrite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Pyrophyllite/Pencil Stone[IMAGE]

[IMAGE]Quartz--Angel Phantom Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Aura Quartz (Angel Aura, Aqua Aura, etc.)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Blue Phantom[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Blue Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Quartz--Cacoxinite, Amethyst, etc.[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Cactus Quartz/Spirit Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Candle Quartz/Pineapple Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Chlorite Inclusions (Healing)[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Quartz--Clear Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Dream Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Elestial Quartz (Amethyst, Clear, Rose, and Smokey)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Fire Quartz/Harlequin Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Gilalite in Quartz/Medusa Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Quartz--Girasol/Moon Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Green Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Growth Interference Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Harlequin Quartz/Fire Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Hematite In Quartz (Some With Hollandite)[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Quartz--Herkimer Diamonds[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Hollandite In Quartz/Star Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Indicolite In Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Lemurian Seed Crystals[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Lightning Quartz/Lightning Strike Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Quartz--Lithium In Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Manifestation Crystals[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Medusa Quartz/Gilalite in Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Metamorphosis Crystals[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Mica in Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Quartz--Nirvana Quartz/Himalayan Ice Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Orange River Crystals (Hematite In Quartz)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Ouro Verde Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Pakimer Diamonds/Diamond Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Quartz--Clear Quartz Crystal With Phantoms[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Prasiolite/Green Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Rainbows[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Rutilated Clear Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Satyaloka Quartz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Quartz--Skeletal Quartz/Fenster Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Shovel Tip[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Spade Tip[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Tangerine Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Timelinks[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Tourmalinated Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Quartz--Window

[IMAGE]Rainbow Moonstone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rainbow Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rhodizite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rhodochrosite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rhodonite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Richterite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rosasite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Roselite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rose Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ruby[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ruby In Fuchsite[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Ruby In Kyanite And Zoisite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ruby In Zoisite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Russian Growth Interference Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Rutilated Quartz

[IMAGE]Sandstone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sapphire[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sardonyx[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Satyaloka Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Scapolite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Scheelite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Scolecite (Zeolite)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Scrubber Crystals[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Septarian[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Seraphinite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Serpentine[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Shaman Stones/Mochi Balls/Moqui Balls[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shattuckite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shell[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shovel Tip (Quartz)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shungite/Schungite/Shungit/Schungit[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shungite/Schungite/Shungit/Schungit Harmonizers[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Shungite/Schungite/Shungit/Schungit Harmonizers--Information Page[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Shungite/Schungite/Shungit/Schungit Water Kits--Information Page[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sillimanite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Silver (Sterling Silver)[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Silver Topaz From Nambia[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Skeletal Quartz/Fenster Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Skulls[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Smithsonite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Smokey Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sodalite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Spade Tip (Quartz)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sphene[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Spheres[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Spinel--Black[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Spinel--Other Colors[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Spirit Quartz/Cactus Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Star Crystals/Hollandite In Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Staurolite/Faery Crosses[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Stichtite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Stilbite (Zeolite)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Stromatolite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sugilite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Suleiman[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Sunstone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Yellow Sunstone/Oregon Sunstone/Golden Labradorite

[IMAGE]Tangerine Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tanzanite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Thomsonite (Zeolite)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Thulite (Pink Zoisite)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tiffany Stone/Bertrandite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tiger Eye[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tiger Iron[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Timelinks (Quartz)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Topaz[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Silver Topaz From Namibia[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tourminalinated Quartz[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tourmaline[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Black Tourmaline[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Trilobite (Fossil)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Triphylite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tugtupite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tumbles (Polished Rocks)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tunellite[IMAGE]

[IMAGE]Ulexite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Unakite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Ussingite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Uvite
[IMAGE]Variscite[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Vera Cruz Amethyst[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Vesuvianite/Idocrase
[IMAGE]Wands[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Windows (Quartz) [IMAGE]Wonderstone (Jasper)/Rhyolite[IMAGE]
[IMAGE]Yellow Sunstone/Oregon Sunstone/Golden Labradorite
[IMAGE]Zebra Stone[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Zeolites[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Zincite (Poland)[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Zircon[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Zoisite
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