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A Healing Session--Long-Distance

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When I do a Long Distance Healing, it normally lasts 15-30 minutes. However, I never cut a healing short if more time is needed.

We all need a little help now and then. That's just the way it is. Even if we heal others, sometimes it's our turn to accept the healing! It is always my objective to get your bodies to a place where they can heal themselves.

There is no way to be sure ahead of time how many healings will be needed. Sometimes it's only one, and sometimes it's more. Generally we shove things down into our body and when it's time for them to start coming out, there can be quite a bit of "stuff"! Lots of "stuff" will take more than one healing.

I can do a "blind" healing, should you wish me to, and ask that "what is needed be done". However, it will help me quite a bit if you can send me an email outlining what the problem(s) are to let me know what you feel needs to be fixed.

Sometimes I get visual images during a healing, and I will always tell you what I see. I don't always have a meaning for what I see, but I always share whatever I have seen with you.

What I normally do for long-distance healings is have both you and I lay down at the same time. I will often ask you to hold a crystal while I'm doing a healing on you, and it will often be white Satin Spar Selenite. I have pieces available to send out should you need one. You only need to contact me. I also ask that we have telephone or email contact so that I know that we are participating in the healing at the same time. I am generally available, and I have weekend time available, too. For half of the year, I am PST, Pacific Standard Time, and the other half of the year I am Mountain Standard Time. Arizona is unique and does not do Daylight Savings Time. We never have to re-set our clocks here!

I can, of course, do healings anywhere in the world. Depending on where you live, I might have to do a healing while you're sleeping. I have been doing long-distance healings since I first started doing healings. I had no one to talk to about what was happening in those days, so I had no idea that long-distance healings were harder to do than hands-on healings! That was a very long time ago. My healing abilities have increased quite a bit in that time.

DISCLAIMER: My healings are not a substitute for good medical care. They are meant to be in addition to good medical care.

Deborah Burton
Owner, MetaphysicalRealm1.com

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