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Double-Terminated Angel Phantom Polished Points #1 measure approximately 11/16" to 1 1/8". Please let me pick one for you. These are $7.00 USD each.

(Healing Crystal)
Hardness: 7.0
Origin: Brazil

The metaphysical properties below are used *with* permission from Kristi Hugs - Kristi's Amazon Author page The gentle voice of Angel Phantom Quartz whispers, "Breathe, Rest, Relax".

This is a crystal that teaches us about perception- how we view others, how we view experiences and how we allow ego to often lead the way. Ego is necessary as we navigate our time in the physical. It is not a bad thing *smile* However, it is something we need to go beyond. Angel Phantom Quartz is a tool that can expand beyond the ego to work in the practice of walking in anothers shoes, fully and completely. Living from a place of empathy, compassion and love.

This combination crystal gives a feeling of pure joy and boundless hope. For those who need lifting up, who may be experiencing sadness or grief, this crystal will help to soothe and comfort in a way like no other.

The Angel Phantom raises our energies above the physical vibration, allowing us to view people, experiences and lessons from a higher vibration perspective. To embrace each living being, experience and/or lesson without any preconceived notions or judgments.

Angel Phantom Quartz bridges the physical energies with the spiritual energies that we may live from a higher energy vibration. It keeps us in unwavering balance between the two. This is very helpful to those who are in physical bodies and practicing a spiritual day to day lifestyle.

The Angel Phantom is a crystal of manifestation. Work with this crystal to manifest from a place of complete clarity of purpose (intention) and vision.

Angel Phantom is also a wonderful piece to work with when looking for guidance from your higher source, angels, guides and the guardians of wisdom and knowledge. It brings about an ease of inspiration on all levels.

Angel Phantom quartz contains a combination of Kaolinite, Limonite, Hematite within the quartz. This combination exudes the comforting energies of warmth, friendship and a passion for life.

For those who want to do more, become more active in their communities, neighborhoods and beyond, work with Angel Phantom Quartz. It encourages action, altruism, selfless service, empathy and the sincere wish to reach a hand out to others.

The phantom in this piece appears to me as a flame within a clear quartz shell. This helps to reminds us to stay in balance. Oftentimes, passion of belief may tilt the balance. It is through compromise and cooperation that we find the answer to the greater questions and cause.

Use Angel Phantom (Amphibole) Quartz to help clear and align all chakras.

From MetaphysicalRealm1.com - Angel Phantom Quartz These crystals have natural inclusions of yellow/gold Limonite, red Hematite, and white Kaolinite.

Limonite is good for clarity of thought and encourages positive thoughts. This crystal helps your mind rise way above the problems of the physical world and helps you discover many more ways your mind can work; amazing things your mind can do. It can help you find the things you truly desire, those things hidden in the Inner Self. If you are "down", Limonite can bring you out of it again and again. This crystal can help you reach stability in your life, should you choose it. It can also bring you to comfort which I look at as an extension of abundance; one of the things that naturally comes out of abundance of all good things.

Hematite can help clear your mind; help you sort things out. It can help you "tune up" your intellect--make your memory better, help your thinking processes, and even help you with technical knowledge. Hematite is a calming stone as well. It balances the yin/yang energies. It also balances all the bodies. It helps dissolve negativity and transforms the negative energy into universal love. It is a great grounding and protection stone, especially during meditation. It not only grounds and protects you, but it will bounce back any negative energy sent at you back to the sender.

Kaolinite can keep you up and above the mundane problems of the physical world. This crystal can get rid of mountain peaks that might be in our way on our spiritual path. This crystal helps you keep at things without becoming discouraged; to make your way down the pathway in front of you and help smooth out that pathway at the same time. Kaolinite helps you develop your clairaudience, both encouraging and smoothing out communication with spiritual worlds.
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