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Anatase Crystals #2 measures approximately 1/2" to 9/16" (13mm to 17mm) and weigh from .4 to 1.1 grams. Some of these Anatase are quite large, and they are so reasonably priced! Please let me pick one for you. These are $7.00 USD each.

(Healing Crystal)
Hardness: 5.5 - 6.0
Presidente Kubitschek, Minas Gerais, Brasil

Anatase teaches you that you can change yourself and your life without causing yourself pain or difficulty. It sends you energy to help you weather the changes and also to stop resisting those changes. This crystal helps your brain to take in, keep, and assimilate new thoughts and ideas. Anatase helps you to look at yourself from all places, in all places; to see yourself as you are. This crystal helps you to make the correct decisions for yourself with this knowledge.

It helps extend the time you do things in your routine or that come up in your day that are enjoyable, helping the good feelings last longer. Anatase helps you to absorb technical ideas. This crystal also helps considerably with peace and unity, the I AM.

It is an excellent crystal to have around while you are "gazing", providing more insight and knowledge about the situation.

Clear Quartz Crystal is one of two basic crystals I believe everyone should start with if you are a beginner in crystals. The other crystal is Selenite. Quartz is for everyone--from beginners to the very advanced. So is Selenite. These wonderful crystals can purify all parts of us--physical, emotional, and spiritual. They are, indeed, pure white light. Quartz can provide clarity of thought in order to influence your situation(s) and surroundings. It aligns your energy and brings you into a state of harmony. You can draw the energy of the Universe to you with one of these wonderful crystals. Be careful to use Quartz for "the good of all" and for "harm to none".

Quartz is very good for meditation and can bring you into contact with the ethereal plane or anywhere else you wish to go. You can clear all of your Chakras as well as activate them, but Quartz is especially good working with the Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra.
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