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Augite Crystals #1 measure approximately 1/4" to 7/16" (7mm to 12mm) and weigh approximately .001 to .003 ounces (.04 to .1 grams). Many of these have terminations, but not all of them do. Please let me pick one for you. These are $.50 USD each.

(Healing Crystal), Grounding and Protecting Crystal
Hardness: 5.5 - 6.0
Origin: Oregon, USA

The metaphysical properties below are used *with* permission from Kristi Hugs - Kristi's Amazon Author page:

As I hold and look upon this tiny little crystal, it appears rather non distinct. Then I hear a voice in my head that says, "not everything is as it seems dear. Look closer!" So, I do. This lovely little nugget has amazing facets and faces! Very smooth and distinct. I want to know more!

"You are safe with me."

I feel an immediate release of anxiety and ultimately more relaxed. If you feel uptight or stressed, Augite will help to break up and release the energy that compacts your body into a big tight ball, allowing you to drop those tense shoulders, stop gritting those teeth, move with fluidity and ease.

If you feel fear or anger over personal events or even world ones, Augite can help to loosen fears grip on you. It will surround you with a sense of safety and protection.

Augite is also a reminder that life is a play and you are in the audience, watching and observing with a keen awareness of the events unfolding in front of you.

"You have free will. Choice. You can applaud the play, and sometimes you will do that, depending on the play. *smile* You can get up and walk out if you do not like what you see and hear. This is choice too. Sometimes, you can directly alter the events/play by walking up to the stage and changing the outcome. That is also choice. All of these are actions and each will be taken at some point in your life. The point is that it is always your choice. Even when you think it is not."

If you feel protection is needed, then Augite would be a wonderful protection crystal to have by your side. Put a piece in your car if you commute daily to your job or school. It will also help you to remain calm and at ease when frustrations and anger bubbles up while driving. Augite can help you to feel safe, secure, comforted, grounded and peaceful in these situations.

Augite will remove all negative energies from a space, place or person. It will help to break up any blockages, release them and clear the space.

If you are an emotional represser, you must add Augite to your crystal First Aid Kit. If you have issues of self esteem (lack of) or self worth (lack of), Augite will help you to embrace all of you, as you are and be proud of it.

Students, Augite is a wonderful crystal to have when focus and concentration needs to be maintained.

Physically, look to Augite to help relieve tension headaches and migraines. I feel this would be a good piece to have near when facing illness or recovering from surgery.

I really love the feel of Augite and I think you will too!

From MetaphysicalRealm1.com - Augite is a crystal suited well to musicians. The black is grounding and helps you heal any difficult transformations. This is also one of the anti-aging crystals.

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