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Blue Amber Tumbles #2 measure approximately 7/8" to 2" (23mm to 51mm) and weigh approximately .2 to .6 ounces (5.1 to 11.0 grams). When held up to the light, this Amber is mainly red. These Tumbles actually fluoresce green. Please let me pick one for you. These are $8.00 USD each.

(Healing Crystal)
Hardness: 2.0 - 2.5
Origin: Indonesia

The metaphysical properties below are used *with* permission from Kristi Hugs - Stepping Stones to Crystal Basics:

“Things unseen. Emotions repressed. Pain hidden. Illness manifest.”

Blue Amber begins our conversation with these dramatic words. And then.........silence.

I know from my research and personal experience with Amber, that it is one of the best physical pain relievers out there, especially when it comes to joint and muscle issues, bar none. But honestly never really considered the infinite possibilities of Amber, and now was forced to consider the wide range of meanings these four short sentences held.

This Blue Amber takes me on a journey, beginning with a vision of Mother Earth, young and vibrant. As she grew, humans found ways to exploit her silently. They hurt her very core as they stripped away her resources, raped her land and hid their toxic wastes in her soil. Blue Amber shares with me that it is manifest to soothe and heal the Earth, beginning many millions of years ago, forming as a salve on the trees.

It is, as one might expect, an Earth Healer. But as we get deeper into the conversation, I realize it is much, much more.

This "movie" actually leaves me quite sad. All of a sudden, we shift gears.

Blue Amber begins to speak.

“I am here to ease the pain and suffering, but cannot do so without directed intent by those who work with me. And to do that, we need to begin at the beginning.

Illness is manifest due to a series of events/actions/reactions/responses. Is it any wonder that Amber is used 95% of the time to aid in physical healing? You hide things in your life from others. You repress your emotions, stuff them down, deep. You put on a smiling face and all the while you hurt intensely inside. You become ill and are not aware that one has anything to do with the other. I am here to tell you to go back to the beginning. To that first experience, unseen by others, that made you feel lonely, angry, hurt, embarrassed, not worthy.......

Your body manifests your emotional pain.”

As I write this, I find myself tearing up. We all have issues like these, including me. And as I sit, thinking back on bad/sad/mad times in my life, I feel a rush or warmth begin at my head and slowly pouring down my shoulders and arms, torso and legs all the way to my feet. The vision I get is honey, golden honey soothing my wounds, easing my pain, smothering me (in a good way) with unconditional, non-judgmental, all-encompassing love.

Blue Amber is exactly that, a soother of pain. It helps to calm the body's reaction to emotions that are hidden, buried or repressed.

Physically, Amber (ALL Amber) can help to ease pain from the top of your head (migraines, strengthens brain tissues) to the tip of your toes (joint and bone issues). It can aid in all types of lung issues (Bronchitis, Asthma, and Emphysema), strengthen the heart, detox the body, and relieve pain.

Blue Amber speaks softly in my head, “That is step one. Soothing the body.

Step two is understanding. Soothing the emotions and the mind. Facing the initial pain through the light of the higher self, your own Divine-ness, accessing the wisdom of spiritual consciousness.

This golden light is a place of purification and manifestation. Clean out the old so that you may manifest anew.”

It is at this point that my odd sense of humor, which is a defense mechanism, kicks in. "Can't I just blame my mother and be done with it?" My "joke" is met with cold silence.

Blue Amber continues, "This is a process and not one to rush through.” Blue Amber reminds me that it was not created in all of its perfection overnight. It took time, a lot of time, to become what it is today. It also did not do it alone. And a reminder, “neither should you."

While at first glance this conversation appeared to be rather depressing, in reality, it was quite the opposite! I felt like I had renewed strength, like I could face anything because I realized that I am filled with the Golden Light of Divine Love, Grace and Healing. I realized that no matter what happened, or when it started, I have the choice to remain or move. Choosing to remain stuck is more comfortable, but choosing to move is much more exciting! It starts with one step.

And with that, our first session ends. I have to admit, I cannot wait until the next session with Blue Amber. But I realize that my first step on this journey has concluded and in fact, an assignment into my own issues has begun. I have a feeling the homework is going to be intense!

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