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Frog Skin Jasper/Green Lace Jasper

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Frog Skin Jasper/Green Lace Jasper Tumbles #1 measure approximately 1" to 2" (24mm to 51mm) and weigh .5 to 1.6 ounces (15.0 to 45.5 grams). Please let me pick one for you. These are $2.00 USD each.

(Healing Crystal)
Hardness: 7.0
Origin: South Africa

Jasper is a patterned form of Chalcedony which is considered to be one of the Quartzes. Each type of Jasper has additional properties in addition to the general properties listed here. Jasper is useful to align all the Chakras and help integrate them for astral travel. It protects you against negativity and is also an excellent grounding crystal. It not only stabilizes the aura but also balances the physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies with the ethereal. It is a very positive stone to have around you at all times. Jasper is also one of the Quartzes. Whatever the additional mineral(s) are create the color(s) of the Jasper.
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