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Luxullianite Tumbles #1 measure approximately 13/16" to 1 7/16" (21mm to 34mm) and weigh approximately .26 to .82 ounces (6.8 to 21.1 grams). Please let me pick one for you. These are $2.00 USD each.

(Healing Crystal)
Hardness: Unknown
Origin: Unknown

The metaphysical properties below are used *with* permission from Kristi Hugs - Stepping Stones to Crystal Basics:

Luxulianite-A local name for a variety of porphyritic granite containing abundant tourmaline replacing various minerals.

Synonym: Luxullianite
Feldspar, Black Tourmaline, Granite

While deep orange can often signify vitality and energy, this peachy orange is definitely more laid back. An observer. A collector of information. It does not react with emotion or ego. Once all is said and done, a direct response is formulated and presented.

If you experience issues of needing to have complete control, I highly recommend this combination stone!

Control over your own life is a good thing. Control over every minute and every aspect without the ability to ease off can become debilitating. Luxulianite can help to ease these feelings but not completely eradicate them. Think of Luxulianite as a therapy tool to assist in the process. For me, Luxulianite feels like a safety net to keep you in control without excesses.

If you have a habit of negative self talk, work with Luxuilianite to be aware when and how often that talk occurs and over time work to replace it with more creative, inspiring and positive mind chat.

Luxulianite helps to balance emotions when you feel out of control or overly worked up about an event or issue. It will help to soothe anger and fear, allowing you to get past the ego/emotion to see the big picture.

Luxulianite encourages creativity in action, not just in thought. Helps to put forth ideas for practical application as opposed to having your head in the clouds. If you are one of those people who put the cart before the horse, this piece is for you. Work with Luxulianite in a group setting to create and share ideas. It will help in both the expression of your own ideas and listening fully to others.

Luxulianite carries an energy of freedom. Freedom to express yourself, freedom to BE yourself and the freedom to encourage others to do the same. Luxulianite helps you to embrace who you are and to love yourself as you are, completely and totally without excuses.

Luxulianite may somewhat ease the feelings of OCD and other control disorders. It can help in the areas of fertility and reproduction as well as sexual disorders. Can also aid issues affecting the kidney and/or bladder.

Chakras: Root to solar plexus

Luxullianite is a Granite composed mainly of pink Feldspar and Black Tourmaline/Shorl. There is also Quartz, Amazonite, Labradorite, Golden Labradorite, Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone, Norwegian Moonstone/Larvikite, Sunstone, Oligoclase, Albite, and Microcline are all Feldspars. Most of these crystals have lovely flashes of color, chatoyancy, within the crystals. These flashes are sometimes multi-colored and sometimes just one color and add a wonderful dimension to an already attractive crystal.

Feldspar allows you to easily walk towards the new and away from the old. This crystal helps you to be more aware of self and to practice self-love. Learning self-love is imperative if you are to ever reach true spiritual development. Everything starts with self-love and truth with yourself. Feldspar has been found in moon rocks. This crystal helps you find things you have lost (i.e., your car keys). It also helps you to hear more of the messages that we receive from our higher self, spirit guides, angels, etc.

Black Tourmaline/Schorl repels negativity. It will not only protect you against negative people on the earth but also those in the spirit world who wish you harm. This crystall keeps your spirits up, in spite of precarious or negative circumstances. It provides higher performance of your physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies. It helps creative people the ability to see the practical side of their endeavors. Black Tourmaline is particularly useful for someone going through divorce or someone who has lost a loved one. It helps you to cope with your grief. It is grounding and protecting.
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