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Melody's Private Collection (Crystals)

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Chlorellestadite With Diopside #7 measures approximately 1/4" x 5/16" x 1/8" (13mm x 8mm x 3mm) and weighs .6 grams. This turtle pattern is common in the Pumpellyite/Chlorastorite that comes out of Isle Royale. I believe it is the same minerals. I am using Melody's label for them, and I am also using the metaphysical properties for Pumpellyite/Chlorastorite. Melody's Private Collection--comes with a small watermarked certificate.

(Healing Crystal)
Hardness: 7.0
Origin: Isle Royale, Michigan, USA

Pumpellyite-Mg is a Copper mineral. This crystal helps with motion sickness. If you have fear of traveling, this crystal will help with your anxiety and will also protect you while you are traveling. Pumpellyite can help you cleanse yourself of old traumas; get them out of your body. This crystal works specifically on the Physical Heart Chakra, but it can clear emotional blockages from every Chakra. It helps you change your thought processes, helping you to get rid of negative thoughts.

Pumpellyite helps with tumors and cancer.

Diopside stimulates the brain and even helps you in your studies. It also brings in your practical side to help you learn. This crystal can be useful for some mental illness, too. This crystal helps people who run, even runners who race against others, providing the winning edge. Diopside can help to straighten out misunderstandings you have with another person. This crystal is very calming for pets.
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