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Pentagonite Crystal #9 measures approximately 9mm long and weighs .18 grams. These are the most vivid blues! Pentagonite is quite rare, even more rare than Cavansite, and it is always expensive.

(Healing Crystal)
Hardness: 3.0 - 4.0
Origin: Waghooli, Poona, India

From Siri - Pentagonite is a higher and finer vibration than Cavansite. It works on the finer bodies at a higher level! I feel euphoria and flow in the chi instantly. Pentagonite calms and centers the mind. This crystal creates a lightness in the physical body while working in the finer bodies. I feel weightless! It releases dopamine in the brain which calms and eases pain. I love this crystal for someone going through the dying process and also for someone wishing to attain a higher state of being! Pentagonite cleanses the physical, but what is really special about it is its ability to also cleanse the mind. Pentagonite creates a moment in time that is empty and still for the soul to push foward past the mind!
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