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Pink Zoisite

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Pink Zoisite Crystal #1 measures approximately 5/8" x 9/16" x 1/4" (15mm x 16mm x 6mm) and weighs 2.9 grams. This crystal is a beautiful pink, and there is a termination on this extremely rare crystal. This is a lovely magical crystal!

(Healing Crystal)
Hardness: 6.0 - 7.0
Origin: Mererani, Tanzania

Zoisite dissolves and transmutes negativity. When this crystal transmutes negativity into positive energy, the sum total of the positive energy is larger than the negativity was. It helps you work on being lazy if that is an issue for you. Zoisite connects the brain to the ethereal levels which should help you receive messages easier.

From Siri - The green Zoisite Crystals from Skardu, Pakistan that you found are in crystal formation. In crystal formation, Zoisite is magical and very very rare! Most green Zoisite is in rough stone form and, when used frequently, it will turn a dark translucent shimmer green. Crystal formation does not do this!

Zoisite comes in three varieties--blue/purple which is called Tanzanite, pink which is called Thulite and comes from Norway, and the green Zoisite. All the variations have the magical energy of Zoisite--very Merlin sort of energy in all three kinds. In gemmy form green Zoisite is amazing healing energy, and it is for depression as well.

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