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Quartz--Graphite in Quartz

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Graphite in Quartz Tumbles #1 measure approximately 15/16" to 1 5/16" (24mm to 33mm) and weigh approximately .51 to .86 ounces (13.1 to 22.0 grams). Please let me pick one for you. These are $3.00 USD each.

(Healing Crystal)
Hardness: 7.0
Origin: Africa

The metaphysical properties below are used *with* permission from Kristi Hugs - Kristi's Amazon Author page:

Graphite in Quartz

"You have the ability to write your own story, to live your life exactly how you have imagined in your dreams." and so the conversation with Graphite in Quartz begins. There are always bumps in the road. You choose how to react to them. Will you face them head on? to follow your dream? or will you turn away and go back to safety?

Graphite in Quartz clears a doubting mind, bringing a sense of clarity. It provides stability when all around is chaos. When you are feeling tossed about like a ship at sea, Graphite in Quartz enhances calm, allowing you to regain your footing. It gives you a sense of purpose and resolve. When you see that bump in the road, you will make a plan on how to traverse it and be on your way.

Life can be difficult, people can be cruel. Graphite in Quartz is a reminder that you cannot let others hold the power over you. It is here to help you, to work with you, to find that belief in yourself again, to take back your power.

If you are the impatient type, this would be a great piece for you to work with. Graphite in Quartz can help to be more patient and see the benefits of doing so.

This combination will allow you to see things as they truly are. A keen awareness of that which is around you can be possible when working with Graphite in Quartz.

Graphite in Quartz helps to alleviate indecision in all areas of your life. It gives you a focus and confidence in the decisions you make like never before.

Graphite in Quartz helps to remove dense or negative energy from a place, space or person. It will replace the dense energies with positive, loving ones. It will also help to ease feelings of anger and frustration and allow for the release of same.

Due to the addition of quartz, which amplifies the energy, this combo would be a great piece to use for a firm and solid grounding.

Graphite in Quartz would be a very helpful piece for cord cutting and other energy removal processes.

This combo allows you to be more flexible, open to opportunities and new experiences. It also gives you the power to stand up for yourself with confidence and assuredness.

Physically, Graphite in Quartz can aid in strengthening memory and logical/orderly thinking. Use this piece to help clear the chakras, breaking up any blockages.

From MetaphysicalRealm1.com - Graphite is one of the best conductors of electricity and helps you transfer healing energy to others (your channeled energy or the energy from other crystals). This crystal helps us break our bonds and find our true freedom. It is helpful for automatic writing, "regular" writing, mathematics, and it generally stimulates the brain. Graphite helps relieve us of our anger.

Clear Quartz Crystal is one of two basic crystals I believe everyone should start with if you are a beginner in crystals. The other crystal is Selenite. Quartz is for everyone--from beginners to the very advanced. So is Selenite. These wonderful crystals can purify all parts of us--physical, emotional, and spiritual. They are, indeed, pure white light. Quartz can provide clarity of thought in order to influence your situation(s) and surroundings. It aligns your energy and brings you into a state of harmony. You can draw the energy of the Universe to you with one of these wonderful crystals. Be careful to use Quartz for "the good of all" and for "harm to none".

Quartz is very good for meditation and can bring you into contact with the ethereal plane or anywhere else you wish to go. You can clear all of your Chakras as well as activate them, but Quartz is especially good working with the Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra.
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