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White Moonstone Tumbles #2 measure approximately 3/4" to 1 5/16" (19mm to 33mm) and weigh approximately .2 to .8 ounces (4.2 to 25.6 grams). Please let me pick one for you. These have wonderful chatoyancy within. These are $2.00 USD each.

(Healing Crystal, Ascension Crystal)
Hardness: 6.0
Origin: India

Moonstone helps us to look inward. This crystal helps us with changes that occur in all of our bodies. This is a fabulous crystal to help you with new beginnings when they come into your life, helping you to see the door that opens as another one closes. This crystal provides balancing energy. Moonstone will provide what is needed in your life, and not necessarily what is wanted. This crystal helps you to recognize the cycles of your life. It enables you to see your life's plan. Moonstone brings evolved energies to you from other worlds in the Universe. This crystal helps you to see clearly what you need to see in order to be able to make appropriate decisions. It helps bring out feelings and intuition instead of using your brain for everything. A balance with all three is always better.

Moonstone is excellent for creative ventures. This crystal helps bring up your self-confidence and bring out your diplomatic skills so that you can solve problems and deal with situations from a place that is not overly emotional. It provides guidance to you so that you can attain the goals you set. Moonstone removes negativity from all of the Chakras. This crystal is good energy to have with you when you travel. It also brings prosperity to you.

The metaphysical properties of Adularia, Feldspar, and Orthoclase also apply.

Adularia is one of the Orthoclases which is one of the Feldspars. This crystal helps you see the good in everyone and everything. It opens the Heart and Crown Chakras. Adularia brings clarity to your brain and opens your heart up to love. This crystal brings out your practical side. It helps you get ahead in your chosen career, and it also helps you with what is truly your calling (metaphysically). If you are looking for a job, Adularia is helpful for this purpose.

Feldspars include Adularia, Albite, Amazonite, Hyalophane, Labradorite, Microcline, Moonstone, Oligoclase, and Sunstone.

Amazonite, Labradorite, Golden Labradorite, Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone, Norwegian Moonstone/Larvikite, Sunstone, Oligoclase, Albite, and Microcline are all Feldspars. Most of these crystals have lovely flashes of color, chatoyancy, within the crystals. These flashes are sometimes multi-colored and sometimes just one color and add a wonderful dimension to an already attractive crystal.

Feldspar allows you to easily walk towards the new and away from the old. This crystal helps you to be more aware of self and to practice self-love. Learning self-love is imperative if you are to ever reach true spiritual development. Everything starts with self-love and truth with yourself. Feldspar has been found in moon rocks. This crystal helps you find things you have lost (i.e., your car keys). It also helps you to hear more of the messages that we receive from our higher self, spirit guides, angels, etc.

Orthoclase is one of the Feldspars. I love the energy of the three "clase" crystals I am familiar with--Oligoclase, Euclase, and Orthoclase! Orthoclase aligns all of the Chakras and all of the subtle bodies. This crystal is useful for someone who has experienced a tragedy and can be helpful with behavior disorders. This crystal helps you to find a path of cooperation with others rather than opposing those others. It helps you make up your mind on things and to see further into each issue; see things that were not visible before.

In crystal form, Orthoclase activates your psychic abilities and allows you to see that you should have faith in yours as well; that that faith is warranted.
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