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Window Crystals (Quartz)

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Lemon Quartz Polished Point #6 measures approximately 1 3/4" x 1 1/8" x 7/8" (44mm x 28mm x 21mm) and weighs approximately 1.4 ounces (36.0 grams). There is a Window in this crystal. These are not evenly colored; there are variations of the lemon color.

(Healing Crystal, Solar Plexus Chakra Crystal)
Hardness: 7.0
Origin: Probably China

The metaphysical properties below are used *with* permission from Kristi Hugs - Kristi's Amazon Author page:

Lemon Quartz

While many would associate this crystals' pale yellow color with the Solar Plexus, my feeling is that while it may very well be used with that chakra, it resonates more strongly with the chakras above the crown (9th - Seat of the soul).

This quartz can facilitate a golden light that moves into the crown and through the body. It will help remove/break up any muddiness or blocks, clearing the way for energy connections of universal manifestation and creation on a grand scale.

This connection will open a channel to higher energies/soul beings that will impart wisdom and knowledge. This can aid you in understanding both the physical self and the soul self, and how experiences on the physical plane effect both. A grounding crystal is recommended here as well to keep balance during your sessions.

I feel this Quartz should be used in addition to.... Meaning, clear quartz, also known as rock quartz, is known for its amplification energies and this lemon quartz will work in the same way. The clarity of this quartz further validates this idea of amplification.

This lemony golden quartz brings a sense of clarity to your intentions and the manifestation of the same.

Lemon Quartz will bring a host of abundance into your life--when most speak of abundance, they mean a creation/wish for more money. While it is true this quartz will accommodate, we are speaking of an abundance of a spiritual awareness and soul filled connection as well.

This quartz would be quite beneficial when working with crystal grids or healing layouts for self, long distance healing or a healing practice. The energy this quartz can add is like turning up the volume on your radio. You control frequency and intensity.

Physically, I feel that this lemony yellow quartz could aid in balancing the kidneys, adrenals and pancreas. For those who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) this could help to lift the spirit and bring a ray of energetic "sunshine" into your heart and soul.

**Note: Irradiating a crystal will cause some energy to be stored in the crystal structure, which can change the OPTICAL properties, typically observed as a change in color. In my opinion, in the case of Lemon Quartz, it does NOT change the energy structure/metaphysical nature of the crystal.

Window (Quartz) is a diamond towards the top of the crystal that has a line connecting the uppermost tip of the diamond with the tip of the crystal. It brings you balance between the physical and spiritual worlds. This crystal brings clarity to your brain, your thinking power. A Window is a very powerful teacher. It can allow you to toss the costume aside and see the truth of a person; who that person really is.

A Window will help you see and locate your insecurities and then remove them. You can see all of your perfect and your imperfect parts and accept them for what they are. These crystals are a great help to healers. They help you locate the source of the illness you wish to heal.

A Window Crystal can be used to locate something that is lost--either a physical item or a person. Visualize what is lost and send it to the Window. The Window will show you where to find what you seek.

Clear Quartz Crystal Windows create an instant connection to our spirituality, allowing us to develop by leaps and bounds.
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