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Banded Iron Tumbles #1 measure approximately 1 1/16" to 2 3/8" (27mm to 61m) and weigh approximately 1.0 to 2.0 ounces (25.1 to 50.0 grams). These Iron Tumbles are in different colors--some with all grays and blacks and some have oranges, reds, or browns with the grays and/or blacks. Please let me pick one for you. These are $2.00 USD each.

(Healing Crystal, Grounding Crystal)
Hardness: 4.5
Origin: Wyoming

The metaphysical properties below are used *with* permission from Kristi Hugs - Kristi's Amazon Author page.

**my first visual was of a strong indigenous people and my first reaction was......I must be making this up. I have been very involved in the #NODAPL movement that I am confusing the message. I was told immediately....."No, stop that. You are hearing me. Now sit still and listen.....**

The raw piece of Banded Iron carries a decidedly male energy. (where as the tumbled ISUA piece appears to be female in energy).

This natural specimen carries a very strong Native American/indigenous energy. It is sacred, very sacred, created by the Earth mother and the elements. It is a foundation rock, the foundation on which earth continues to grow.

"I am a representation of the human spirit. When necessary, I am strong, immovable and powerful, a fortress. At other times, I am adaptable, able to adjust to change. Just as there are times that standing strong and firm are the correct course of action, so there are times when going with the flow and rolling with the punches are decidedly more effective. Be as the land, rise and fall with the water and the earth."

Banded Iron carries the wisdom of the ancestors. The layers of Banded Iron mark evolution and growth.

"I am born of the land, I bring stability and structure." This piece is super grounding to earth, one of the more powerful grounding stones I have had the honor to work with. It feels like my feet are locked, a magnetic pull to earths core.

Use Banded Iron to grid and protect property, land or home. Place in the outermost four corners.

It is incredibly empowering and will help you to stand up tall and be who you are- completely without fear. The message is, "Make no excuses, be who you are, no pretense, no insecurity, no apologies"

Banded Iron is about simplicity not complications. Honor and respect not selfish motivation.

Use banded Iron to help with manifestations on the physical plane. It will help to bring the manifestation into being.

Physically, Banded Iron can aid in alignment of the spine, hips and legs. Since it is a Root Chakra mineral, it will help in the areas of reproduction and the perpetuation of the species.

Banded Iron can be incredibly useful to those who are challenged with ADD and/or ADHD. It provides complete focus on one thing at a time, removing all distractions. It helps in the areas of concentration and comprehension, which makes it perfect for any type of learning environment.

From MetaphysicalRealm1.com - Iron is often red or yellow on or in a crystal (i.e., especially Quartz). Yellow on the the outside of a Quartz crystal is called a "Golden Healer", and the red on a "Pink Lemurian Seed Crystal" is Iron. Iron is often on the outside of Quartz Crystals when they come out of the ground. The Quartz is usually soaked in oxalic acid or something similar to remove the outside coating of Iron.

Iron Concretions are also something you see in the crystal world--Mochi Balls and Boji Stones™ are two examples of them.

Iron can help balance you emotionally and mentally, if you have issues that are keeping you from performing at your optimum level. This crystal can help you make necessary changes in your life more easily; to adapt easily to the change(s) that need to come into your life. It can help you reach your goals with more ease than you would have had.

Iron helps you get in touch with the faery kingdom of the inner kind which will help you be open to abundance and prosperity. Iton can help you win any legal battles that may occur and helps you find the diplomacy to get through those times. This crystal has energy similar to the male warrior energy of Mars and can bring the qualities of vibrance, assertiveness, and strength to you.

Iron used with Quartz magnifies the qualities of each and you can reach new levels. Iron used with Copper can balance not only the energy of the body but the body's chemistry.
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