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Bumble Bee "Jasper"

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Bumble Bee "Jasper" Tumbles #1--My point is not to sell these, but to warn you about them. I thought they had finally tested this crystal and found minerals that were not harmful when they did that. I was wrong. I read something on-line that was very mis-leading. Any time you see brilliantly colored yellows, oranges, or orange/reds, start asking questions. Find out what it is. You will often hear words like "Realgar" (an arsenate which is a derivative of the word arsenic) and "Orpiment" (also an arsenate which is a derivative of the word arsenic). These are probaby not crystals you want to have in your space. The Bumble Bee Jasper is found in a volcanic region where there are lots of Sulphur Plumes. I also do not believe these are actually a Jasper--I don't believe there is any Quartz or Chalcedony in them. These are $7.00 USD each.

(Healing Crystal)
Hardness: Unknown
Origin: Indonesia
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MetaRealm1's Price: $7.00
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