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Clear Quartz Laser Wand with Feldspar Frosting #18 measures approximately 4 7/8" x 1" x 7/16" (125mm x 27mm x 12mm) and weighs 1.7 ounces (43.3 grams). There is a small Double-Terminated crystal sitting on top of the larger crystal, and it is a Barnacle Crystal. These have a different feel to them, and they are extremely unique. Energetically it's a very nice combination!!

Kristi Hugs came up with the name for this crystal. Thank you, Kristi!

(Healing Crystal, Ascension Crystal)
Hardness: 7.0
Origin: Mongolia

The metaphysical properties below are used *with* permission from Kristi Hugs - Kristi's Amazon Author page.

Kristi's Notes--Another one that was chomping at the bit! As soon as I picked it up, I heard, "It's about time!" LOL

Quartz Crystal with Feldspar "Frosting"

When holding this crystal for the first time, one of my favorite quotes of all time immediately comes to mind, "Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light." And looking at this piece? it makes perfect sense! This beautiful quartz crystal is coated with a sugary frosting which for me, makes it even more intriguing. There is an area where the quartz crystal underneath can be seen, where the frosting has come off, so to speak to show the surprise within, just like an M&M. You just KNOW once you get past the candy coating that something sweet and delicious is waiting for you!

The gritty surface to me, signifies the challenges we have chosen to experience here in the physical. The clear crystal within reminds me of our Divine nature, cheering us on, supporting and encouraging us. For this crystal, one is never without the other. Work with this crystal when you need the reminder too!

I feel that this piece can directly connect you to the higher vibrations where angels, guides and teachers reside. This quartz is truly a teaching tool--connecting you to lessons, experiences and teachers alike.

This is also a crystal of contemplation and hibernation in the sense that often we need to withdraw and go within. To attain a state of re-centering and oneness. The world as we know it can be in a state of chaos, confusion and imbalance, all of our own making. This quartz crystal shows me an image of the Fortress of Solitude, Superman's "safe place" and I feel that this crystal can be our Fortress of Solitude as well.

This is very much a personal piece to be used in your own journey. You will know which one is yours. You should work with it often, I am told daily, just for a few minutes to sit, breathe and "check in". To release, forgive and let go of your day. I have a habit of taking a few minutes each evening to run through my day, often pointing out where I could have done better, where I reacted instead of responded, how I could have been gentler and kinder, etc. I use this crystal to help me in this "review". Once I am done, I ask to be forgiven, to let go and to learn from the day. Then, I release it completely, clearing the path for a new journey/experiences the next day with the message, "Do better, be better, love better."

This crystal, as our time here on earth reminds us of the duality we face each moment. The gritty outside with the smooth crystal inside shares with us that we must embrace it all as it is part of our experience too! You cannot be light without the understanding of darkness. You cannot determine what is "bad" without comprehending "good". You should not ignore one while hiding behind the other. These dualities are also part of the journey. How we perceive them teaches us too!

DO NOT fear either. Look to the lesson. ALL lessons are chosen for growth. Yes, ALL.

This crystal is an extremely important and powerful tool. Like Arch Angel Michael's sword, this piece can cut through what is not needed so that what IS needed becomes clearer to you. Stories of the past keeping you handcuffed, paralyzed and victimized will be sliced/chopped and discarded. We have all heard it before, "You are NOT your story." Removing this excess will clear the way, sweep your path, open your heart and will remove what binds you, leaving you a brand new compass from which to navigate.

This quartz is a teacher and will give you direction every time, but it is up to you to make these course corrections. Free will/choice is the key word for this physical reality.

For healing, I feel like this piece will, as all quartz does, amplify the energies of all that is being used (not just other crystals, but other energy). I believe it will also amplify intention and the vibration of intention (sound, thought, etc). Be very clear and precise.

This quartz piece also works as a removal tool--removing hooks and cords, energy blockages(put there by you or others), repressed emotions/situations and old conditioning stuck in the mind and body.

I cannot list specific physical issues it may assist with because it feels to be a master of all, aiding in every way- physically, emotionally and spiritually.

This crystal definitely has a "wow!" factor. Its energy is palpable and constant. It is ready to work with you and is excited to do so.

From MetaphysicalRealm1.com - Amazonite, Labradorite, Golden Labradorite, Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone, Norwegian Moonstone/Larvikite, Sunstone, Oligoclase, Albite, and Microcline are all Feldspars. Most of these crystals have lovely flashes of color, chatoyancy, within the crystals. These flashes are sometimes multi-colored and sometimes just one color and add a wonderful dimension to an already attractive crystal.

Feldspar allows you to easily walk towards the new and away from the old. This crystal helps you to be more aware of self and to practice self-love. Learning self-love is imperative if you are to ever reach true spiritual development. Everything starts with self-love and truth with yourself. Feldspar has been found in moon rocks. This crystal helps you find things you have lost (i.e., your car keys). It also helps you to hear more of the messages that we receive from our higher self, spirit guides, angels, etc.

Double-Terminated Quartz Crystals pull energy in both ends and send it out of both ends and can do one or the other out of each end as needed. These are useful during dream time and astral projection. This particular type of Quartz is protective of your physical and your mental bodies. They reinforce your Aura. They are an excellent meditation crystal. These are very useful for healing. This formation easily moves the negative energy in a body to a place you have pre-determined so that the energy can be turned to positive energy (i.e., I use the Planet of Nothingness which I visualize as red hot with a cracked black crust over it so that you can see how red hot it is; this planet burns up the negative energy and turns it into positive energy).

Barnacle Quartz Crystals are excellent for those who serve the public, instilling the idea that the group is more than the individual parts. This crystal encourages people to work well together. It is helpful when you are grieving for a loved one. Barnacle Quartz is a crystal of fertility--for both the body and the mind.

Laser Wands (Quartz) came from the healing temples of Lemuria. They often have markings on the outside which are records of their healing experiences. It is possible to use meditation as a tool to acquire this knowledge. Laser Wands can clear an entire physical area of negativity, provide protection for the physical body, and direct healing energy to others or yourself. They should be used in the manner you would use any Wand--point the tip at the "object" you wish to get energy to with your hand of preference.

Perhaps a bit more so than many other types of Quartz, the Laser Wands are pure bright white light. If you wear a Laser Wand, this keeps a constant layer of protection around your Aura and will also surround you with white light.

Laser Wands would certainly fit in with any Shamanic or advanced healing practice. These crystals will be most successful for a longer period of time when the person receiving the healing entirely and wholly wishes to be healed. It requires the participant's full cooperation.

Clear Quartz Crystal is one of two basic crystals I believe everyone should start with if you are a beginner in crystals. The other crystal is Selenite. Quartz is for everyone--from beginners to the very advanced. So is Selenite. These wonderful crystals can purify all parts of us--physical, emotional, and spiritual. They are, indeed, pure white light. Quartz can provide clarity of thought in order to influence your situation(s) and surroundings. It aligns your energy and brings you into a state of harmony. You can draw the energy of the Universe to you with one of these wonderful crystals. Be careful to use Quartz for "the good of all" and for "harm to none".

Quartz is very good for meditation and can bring you into contact with the ethereal plane or anywhere else you wish to go. You can clear all of your Chakras as well as activate them, but Quartz is especially good working with the Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra.
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