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Eclogite Tumbles #1 measure approximately 7/8" to 1 1/8" (19mm to 30mm) and weigh approximately .5 to 1.1 ounces (12.8 to 30.0 grams). Please let me pick one for you. These are $4.00 USD each.

(Healing Crystal, Ascension Crystal)
Hardness: 7.0
Origin: Norway

From MetaphysicalRealm1.com - Eclogite is a mixture of Garnet and Omphacite. Eclogite often also has Lagioclase. Rutile, Kyanite, and/or Quartz, although this is not always so.

The metaphysical properties below are used *with* permission from Kristi Hugs - Kristi's Author Page on Amazon..

So, here it is.........allow me to introduce Eclogite


Sodic pyroxene var. omphacite

Garnet var. almandine-pyrope

with possible inclusions of Quartz, Kyanite and/or Rutile

Eclogite is a heart centering and heart healing stone.

Sometimes we find ourselves internally fighting with emotional feelings versus mental mind. For instance, we know that forgiveness is the right course of action, but our heart is hurt by a mean spirited deed or unprovoked slight.

"We understand your hurt, your anger, your sadness. To grow is to find a way to move past the event/perception. Do not hold on. Grudges only cause illness to the body and sadness to the soul." If you are a represser of emotion (push them way way down into your core instead of allowing them to surface), you are a prime candidate for illness like this. Do not allow thoughts and feelings to fester.

This is group of gentle energies, all working with each other to balance and center the physical and emotional bodies. Eclogite will help to clear and align the energy centers, root to heart. Elogite serves as a kind of energetic life coach. The garnet energy acting as common sense and the green omphacite playing the role of loving consideration. It is a reminder to look at all possibilities before taking action. It is YOUR choice, after all.

There is an element of self protection with Eclogite. It will allow you to go into any situation with clear understanding. Eyes wide opened, not blindly walking in. Again, the reminder, it is YOUR choice.

"OK, so out with it," I say. I am told that Eclogite is a stone of responsibility, of taking responsibility. Of understanding that what we act on is a choice. Everything is a choice.

Eclogite feels to be a teacher, a guide, a presence whose purpose it is to lead you to understanding. When you are in a situation that may be confusing, hurtful or emotionally dividing, sit with Eclogite and ask for guidance. Connecting to it in this way will allow choices to present themselves that you may not have seen before.

The love energy in Eclogite is immense. It is the loving calm you need when in that proverbial "storm". It is both the loving arms of support and the steel toed boot to propel you into action. It reminds us that there is a time to cry, scream, grieve a situation but do not get stuck there. Get up, move, step forward one foot at a time...

"Do not doubt yourself little one! You have the answer. You know what you need to do but you are scared. We get that. Do not allow fear to freeze you in place. You are safe. Remember, it is YOUR choice. You are the decider of your life."

Eclogite carries the energy of connection to the physical body. It will work in tandem with other more energy specific stones to encourage health and healing. I feel it would be beneficial to the liver, pancreas and stomach as well as the heart muscle and the arterial blood flow system.
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