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Golden Feldspar Tumbles #1 measure approximately 1 1/16" to 1 15/16" (28mm to 50mm) and weigh approximately .3 to .7 ounces (7.4 to 17.9 grams). I am listing these with the Sunstone because they have the same schiller that Sunstone has (beautiful orange patches of very shiny color), and I am listing it in with the Moonstones because it looks like a Moonstone and is at least a cousin of Moonstone. Please let me pick one for you. These are $3.00 USD each.

(Healing Crystal)
Hardness: 6.5 - 7.2
Origin: India

The metaphysical properties below are used *with* permission from Kristi Hugs - Stepping Stones to Crystal Basics:

Golden Feldspar is immediately comforting, soothing the deepest hurt in one's soul.

"You are above that." I hear. I ask for some clarity.

"When someone speaks against you, remember, you are above that. When you are teased or the butt of a jooke, remember, you are above that. When someone hurts your feelings and you are feeling all alone, remember, you are above that.

Are these lessons? YES! Lessons in the Golden Rule? YES! Lessons in expectations? YES! These are reminders that you do not need to retaliate or reciprocate. You are above that!"

There is a cycle of events, that can play out endlessly when you stoop to the offenders' level. Anger from the initial unkind word is spewed back to the offender, which angers and hurts him/her and they in turn send a new barrage of unkind words back to you. You were hurt, so you tried to hurt them, which DID hurt them and they in turn tried to hurt you even worse and on and on it goes. Golden Feldspar reminds you not to take that bait. You are above that.

There is a saying that we may not know what the other is truly going through and honestly we don't know. We may only see the actions that reflect the feelings. Some are stoic while others may become abusive, inducing hurt in others that they feel themselves. We simply do not know. Golden Feldspar reminds us to be above the reaction and look beyond the action.

Golden Feldspar is about service to others, starting with, "How can I help?" These do not need to be grand gestures for all to see (nor should they be). These are the simple, every day actions that honor others and the Divine within each of us. Working with Golden Feldspar will aid you in enhanced awareness and focus. It reminds you to be kind instead of yelling at the driver in front of you during your commute or getting angry at someone who cuts in line. It asks you, what are you really mad at? Being inconvenienced?

Golden Feldspar is a stone that aids in working on the self through selfless service to others.

Golden Feldspar will soften the acidic tongue, remind us not to pass judgment (we do not know what someone else is going through), and cool anger that may boil over when someone else's actions affect you, most often in a negative way.

There is a shimmering golden sheen in Golden Feldspar that immediately brings a sense of relief and joy. The worries and strife carried on your shoulders is immediately lifted. While it may not solve all of your problems, it will allow a space in which to breathe and regroup with a clear head, offering new solutions and new alternatives.

Golden Feldspar will fill your body and soul with golden, radiating light, simultaneously removing the dense and heavy energies you have been feeling.

I feel that Golden Feldspar will aid in bringing the body into a state of overall well being. It most definitely will be an energy asset to practices such as Reiki, Massage and other energy movement modalities. It will clear the space and amplify the energy movement process as much as the receiver will allow.

Golden Feldspar feels to be a stone that anyone can use, as it connects at a very personal level, no matter where you are.
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