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Naica Optical Selenite Wand #1 measures approximately 9 1/2" x 13/16" x 3/8" (241mm x 20mm x 10mm) and weighs approximately 2.7 ounces (68.3 grams). This crystal is very nice energy, and these make excellent wands.

(Healing Crystal)
Hardness: 1.5 - 2.0
Origin: Arizona

The metaphysical properties below are used *with* permission from Kristi Hugs - Kristi's Amazon Author page:

"The golden sword of truth". These are the first words I hear as soon as I pick this piece up.

Selenite, for me, has always been the link to Christ Consciousness, that higher vibration which we often aspire to incorporate into our current physical dimension. This golden Selenite is all of that and more. What is given to me in the form of a visual, is the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where all children are looking for that elusive golden ticket hidden in a chocolate bar. Golden Selenite IS our ticket to a one on one, direct connection with Divine Source.

Work with golden Selenite to become one (reconnect with) with unconditional love, ALL THAT IS, in essence, your truest, highest self. You ARE Divine Source. Often, we get all caught up in the physical aspects and experiences of our current situation and during those times we may be removed from our own divinity.

Golden Selenite is a reminder that even during those times, even with all of our faults and foibles, we are Divine in the process. Everything we do is for a reason. Everything we experience, those we have the experiences with, where the experience occurs--these are all predestined by you, the Divine, in order to understand yet another aspect in another dimension of existence, all created by you/Divine.

Golden Selenite brings a unique and instantaneous sense of clarity on the highest of levels.

It is not about judgment (that is a physical/ego thing) or passing blame (again, a physical/ego thing). "She did this to me because SHE is insecure..." No, no. It is about complete understanding. "She IS me and I AM her."

This is more than just attempting to put yourself in anothers shoes to try to understand from a different perspective. It is actually BEING--all of it in totality, one and the same.

Golden Selenite is an excellent tool to use when working to "cut cords" or release energy that is not in line with your current understanding/experiences.

Many times the question most frequently asked is "Why?" The response, as it is relayed to me is gentle, loving and without judgment, "Because you chose it."

If you lightly tap your golden Selenite with another crystal point, you may hear a distinct "singing"/tone/vibration. It also feels like this tap connection with quartz somehow activates the golden Selenite. After I did the tapping, an energy is palpably felt after the action. One that was not felt before.

This is a high vibration crystal, well above the 7 common body chakras we all know. This goes well into the auric chakras (8th through 12, sometimes more depending on who you read/study with). Working with the golden Selenite will help to connect and align ALL together.

For those who work with self healing or with others using various healing modalities, use golden Selenite as a want to move over the body to clear and unblock unwanted energies. It will, at the same time fill all bodies both physical and above with golden, healing light. Think of an MRI scan of the entire body, or a TSA agent using their scanning wand.

I believe the golden Selenite can help with any issue by allowing the user to see/understand the actual cause of the issue, not just the symptoms of it so that a better, more complete plan of action can be taken.

The message from golden Selenite is this, "You have chosen your lessons. Do the best you can. Learn from them. Take responsibility. Do not judge. You are loved throughout it all because you ARE LOVE, Divine and unconditional."

From MetaphysicalRealm1.com - The Yellow/Gold Selenite Crystals feel so spiritual to me, and the color is truly High Spiritual Gold. These crystals have a really lovely floaty sensation that helps us reach higher in the ethers. The energy of this crystal is also softer, very cloud-like. The yellow/gold color comes from iron deposits in the crystal. These crystals are unique and cannot be classified as either Satin Spar Selenite or Optical Selenite. Their formation is different, and the crystals can be very large or very small. From MetaphysicalRealm1.com - Optical Selenite is a different crystal formation than the Satin Spar Selenite. It is clear layers of Selenite, one on top of the other. It is very different in looks from the Satin Spar Selenite, but its energy is much the same. Much of it is found in the United States, in our West--states like Utah and Idaho. It is also found in Mexico as well.
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