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Sausserite Tumbles #1 measure approximately 11/16" to 1 11/16" (18mm to 43mm) and weighs approximately .1 to .7 ounces (3.5 to 16.8 grams). The cream color is Scapolite sprinkled with green Zoisite. Please let me pick one for you. These are $2.00 USD each.

(Healing Crystal)
Hardness (Zoisite): 6.0 - 7.0
Hardness (Scapolite): 5.5 - 6.0
Origin: Pakistan

Written by Kristi Hugs.


Renewal, Rebirth, fresh beginnings, starting new and starting NOW.

Sausserite is a lovely package of positive and bright energy! When you get down on yourself, Sausserite reminds you that you are doing your best.

When you engage in negative self talk or criticism, Sausserite reminds you that you are perfect and complete just as you are in that moment.

When you need a do-over, Sausserite reminds you to give yourself permission to do so.

When you have been unkind to self or others, or others have been unkind to you, Sausserite reminds you to forgive.

Each moment is a reminder that you have the capacity to change, to grow, to learn and even an opportunity to teach. Each moment is a new moment. Literally.

This Sausserite has a very light hearted and playful feel. It inspires hope and happiness.

Sausserite reminds us to lighten up! Do not take everything so seriously! Life is not always a race. Be like the Turtle and move slowly, enjoy the walk, take in the scenery and stay in awareness.

Sausserite reminds me of the feeling you get when Spring is in the air. The sunshine is warm on your face and flowers/trees begin to bud. Green is everywhere. Your spirit is lifted. It is that joyous breath of fresh aid after a long and dismal Winter. Yes, THAT feeling!

This is a stone for the heart. It can help to ease the process of grief, reminding you that the one "lost" still beats within your heart, always. It also allows you to go through your process in your own time and at your own pace.

Sausserite is a reminder that time held hostage by a grudge or anger is time wasted. It will soothe the hurt and anger you feel. Forgive and get back to living and learning.

Sausserite may help to release fears and anxiety. Carrying Sausserite may aid those who experience anxiety or panic attacks, PTSD, social anxiety, etc to feel safer and calmer where navigating society will feel less paralyzing.

Sausserite feels to ge a gentle healer on all levels. It would work best in tandem with a group of crystals/minerals chosen for a specific issue. It is a support stone that will hold the space and energy needed for the healing session.

Sausserite will help to cool a fever, weaken infections and hasten recovery from colds and the flu.

Sausserite will aid in strengthening the immune system. It will aid in the detoxing of the body and its systems as well. Sausserite's real strength comes in the recovery process. Those who have experienced long term illness, or those that often need time in a rehabilitation facility, may find that Sausserite brings a renewed strength and energy that is needed for the recovery process.

From MetaphysicalRealm1.com - Zoisite dissolves and transmutes negativity. When this crystal transmutes negativity into positive energy, the sum total of the positive energy is larger than the negativity was. It helps you work on being lazy if that is an issue for you. Zoisite connects the brain to the ethereal levels which should help you receive messages easier.

Zoisite comes in three varieties--blue/purple which is called Tanzanite, pink which is called Thulite, and the green Zoisite. All the variations have the magical energy of Zoisite--very Merlin sort of energy in all three kinds. In gemmy form green Zoisite is amazing healing energy, and it is for depression as well.

Scapolite comes in many colors. This crystal helps you to look deeply inside yourself to see the solutions for past problems and present problems. Scapolite helps to bring about change--physical, intellectual, or in your environment. It helps you attain your goals, working with you to get where you need to get.
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