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Witch's Finger Quartz Crystal #4 measures approximately 3 3/16" x 1 5/8" x 1 1/4" (80mm x 41mm x 33mm) and weighs approximately 4.6 ounces (118.3 grams). Can you see why these are called Witch's Fingers? These crystals have all kinds of knobs and books of Mica and Iron inclusions on the outside of them, making them oh-so-interesting. And we haven't even come to the inside yet! These crystals also have some of all of these--Actinolite, Feldspar, Iron, Magnetite, Muscovite, Rutile, Smokey Quartz, Sphalerite, Tremolite, and Zinnwaldite.

(Healing Crystal, Ascension Crystal)
Hardness: 7.0
Origin: Kitwe, Zambia

Witch's Finger Quartz helps you to be true to who you are; to the person you truly are. This helps you to be different; to walk a different pathway. It allows you to find your way through complex physical places. Witch's Finger helps you to see what is and understand that is all that is needed for you to know.

Actinolite is an excellent shielding crystal, and it increases the size of our aura, especially when used with Gold Sheen Obsidian. It brings us to a place where we can easily see how we are part of the "I Am" and that everything we see is part of the "I Am". Actinolite helps rid us of any condition that is not wanted, aided by our focus on whatever that thing is.

From Siri - Actinolite helps anyone seeking higher spiritual growth. This crystal calms chaos as well. Actinolite is highly protective.

Actinolite in Quartz allows you to stop using sarcasm if you have a penchant for doing so. This crystal will help you to calm a restless spirit, helping you discover the resourcefulness within you so that you can make decisions and solve problems. It is said that these crystals connect to the Anasazis. Actinolite in Quartz is useful to help you get ahead in the fields of architecture and agriculture. This is a good healing crystal, offering the loving energy of the Spiritual Heart Chakra.

Feldspar allows you to easily walk towards the new and away from the old. This crystal helps you to be more aware of self and to practice self-love. Learning self-love is imperative if you are to ever reach true spiritual development. Everything starts with self-love and truth with yourself. Feldspar has been found in moon rocks. This crystal helps you find things you have lost (i.e., your car keys). It also helps you to hear more of the messages that we receive from our higher self, spirit guides, angels, etc. Magnetite aligns all of the Chakras and all of the bodies. It creates a "thirst" for those things that make spiritual development possible. Magnetite helps you to connect to the Universal Energy much easier during meditation. This crystal also forms an unsually good bond between you and Mother Earth. It also brings some of the qualities of Iron to the user--tenacity, durability, and stability. You cannot easily move Iron, because it is heavy/dense for the size of it. Magnetite helps you balance your emotions. This crystal helps us during manifestation, actually creating a larger stronger net to catch things as they come at you! It is an excellent Grounding and Protecting Crystal.

Muscovite helps us think faster and helps us express our feelings more clearly. It will helps touch emotionally painful things inside of us in such a way that we can not only cope with them but also process them. This crystal helps develop our intuition and helps us connect to our Higher Self. Muscovite helps us solve not only our problems but the problems of others we have chosen to help.

The characteristics of Mica also apply. Mica allows you to see how flawed humanity is but still allows you to love humanity, so this is a good crystal for those who are in service. It provides clarity in visions. Mica can help you not "flick the switch" of anger and can help dispel nervous energy. Lepidolite, one of the Micas, is particularly good for dispelling anger and nervous energy. It is a Lithium crystal.

Rutile is often gold--the beautiful golden hairs you see included in Quartz. If there is Iron, the Rutile presents itself as a red or red/brown color. This crystal doesn't allow negative energy which can affect all of your bodies to penetrate your energy fields. It helps you get to the foundation of a problem; find what's causing a dis-ease in your body, for example.

When found in another crystal (i.e., Clear Quartz), Rutile helps you make changes (going from here to there becomes easier) and it helps you during times of personal growth. This crystal brings stability to most aspects of your life, allowing for balance to become the norm.
Smokey Quartz is most effective on the Solar Plexus Chakra as well as the Minor Chakras of the Hands and Feet. (Every healer knows the Chakras of the Hand and Feet are not Minor Chakras!) It dispels negative emotions (anger, resentment, and negative thought patterns), emotional blockages, and negative energy. This crystal also provides excellent protection and grounding. It's a very good crystal to use for meditation. This crystal's energy is gentle, and it takes time to do its work.

Sphalerite helps bring our male and female energies into balance and will increase whichever one is out of balance. This crystal can be helpful to help you spot anyone around you who is up to no good. It will help you to immediately assess how serious the situation is and to respond accordingly. Sphalerite can help you develop your intuitive abilities and to help assure that you receive accurate information. This crystal can protect you from negative energies, especially if you have to be exposed to the general public when you are on your job.

Tremolite helps to connect you to others in the physical plane of existence. This crystal brings stability to chaos when it exists and can even be useful after natural disasters, bringing balance again to the earth. It brings balance to our beings on an emotional level as well--helping us dump the unwanted emotional baggage should we wish to do so.

Zinnwaldite is one of the Micas, and Melody does not definte the metaphysical properties separately for Zinnwaldite. She only writes up Zinnwaldite in Topaz.
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