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Chinese Writing Rock/Ray of Light Stretchy Bracelets #1 measure approximately 6 3/4" (171mm) and weigh approximately .8 ounces (19.3 grams). The round beads are approximately 8mm. Please let me pick one for you. These are $11.00 USD each.

(Healing Crystal)
Hardness: Unknown
Origin: Peru

The metaphysical properties below are used *with* permission from Kristi Hugs - Kristi's Amazon Author page:

Chinese Writing Rock/Ray of Light

"There is a real comfort when you hold this Writing Rock. It brings about an immediate stillness and calm. There is a pulse to it, like a quietly beating heart. It represents life- all life. It is like sitting in a forest and all of a sudden the background noises completely disappear and there is this pure silence. You can feel the heartbeat of the place. You are not a part from it, but a part OF it. It is like THAT moment.

It is easy to deduce this piece would be great for grounding due to its color and it is, but it is so much more than just a grounding tool. Much, much more.

Writing Rock will help to find and maintain energetic balance in all bodies. I suspect it can also help to maintain a physical balance for those who suffer from dizziness, vertigo, etc. I believe it can help to clear ALL chakras (not just those main 7), aligning and spinning exactly as they were meant to, all at peak performance.

This stone is a perfect piece to describe our lives today. When life seems dark or dim, these little white rays of light break through the darkness to bring renewed strength and hope. Each person that works with a piece of Writing Rock will find relief and tranquility. Worry drops away, stress is released and fear is abandoned. Even if it is momentary, that can often be enough to breathe and recharge.

Writing Rock represents the duality of living in a physical dimension as a spiritual being. Often times we walk a fine tightrope between the two- and again, balance is the theme. It is the light and dark, the yin and the yang, the body and soul.....

I am once again being shown the white rays of light piercing the darkness.

This stone can aid those who have closed themselves off or have an icy demeanor. It helps to melt away those igloo walls and encourages more interaction. "How can you learn and experience the things you have come here to learn if you lock yourselves away?"

Writing Rock can also help to address fear- fear of failure, fear of not measuring up, the heart pounding primal fear-- fears of all kinds can be faced and/or eased with Writing Rock. It helps to develop a quiet confidence.

For those facing loss and grief, Writing Rock will support you in the process, even on the darkest of days, the white ray of light is present, holding you in the light.

The energy of this stone has the feeling of warmth, a presence of consistent support, or a companion when you feel alone. It provides a sense of comfort, safety and security--of being wrapped in angels wings.

Writing stone is a remover of obstacles and dense energies. It renders protection to those who feel it is needed. I am shown an angel holding a sword, I believe this would be Archangel Micheal. Writing stone would, in fact, benefit any space, place or person.

Writing Rock helps to increase pinpoint focus and concentration on the task at hand. If you cannot seem to make up your mind or have a tendency to waffle, back and forth, on a single decision, you definitely want to work with this stone. It not only aids in making the final decision but gives you the confidence and self assuredness in the decision that was made.

Physically, Writing Rock will aid in detox of the physical body. It will help to clear out all of the sludge that builds up over time. It will be especially helpful when focusing on the areas of the upper and lower intestinal tracts. Once clean and cleared, Writing Rock will help to regulate the body waste disposal system.

From MetaphysicalRealm1.com - Chinese Writing Rock/Ray of Light is composed of both Basalt and Feldspar. This crystal looks, of course, like someone has written on the rock. The contrast between the black background and the white "writing" is just beautiful. This crystal can help you gain access to the Akashic Records as well as to the ancient sacred texts. It will help you understand the information you gain access to. When used for dreaming, you can dream of a subject you have thought about in advance. It helps bring validation to your plans and helps you to execute them.
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